'Big Brother' Fan Review: Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier gameplay talk is 'laughable'

With Xavier, Derek F and Azah making it to the final three, fans called them all out on what the players believed were their 'strategies'

                            'Big Brother' Fan Review: Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier gameplay talk is 'laughable'
Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier as seen on 'Big Brother' ( Instagram/ bigbrothercbs)

The contestants of 'Big Brother' Season 23 are now down to the wire, with only three remaining guests left before the final winner is decided. With tensions running high, the last Head of Household competition can prove to be a make it or break it moment for the final three. So strategies aside now's the time to pull out all the stops and go in for the kill.

After eliminating Kyland Young, the final three remaining in the Big Brother house are Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier. With each setting their plans into motion, they all think they have what it takes to bag the final win. 

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Out of the three, Xavier has the most impressive resume, seeing that he has bagged the most HoH wins and has even been known to throw competitions for the sake of the game. A physically formidable contender, Xavier has what it takes to make it to the end. However, as he recounted his previous wins, fans on Twitter were quick to remind him that his gameplay often relied on strategies and that he could not take sole credit for it all. 

"Xavier definitely won HoH by accident on week three and Dx and Hannah orchestrated Brent's eviction. I really just hate the fact that this man did nothing and takes credit for EVERYTHING. #bb23" tweeted a fan. "So X still doesn't know that week 3 HOH was thrown to him so he could get Brent out?? #BB23" added another. 




Compared to Xavier, fans felt as though Azah and Derek F did the bare minimum to make it by. When Azah took to the screen to recap her time in the house, fans found it laughable that she believed her gameplays put her in the top 3 and even called her out on the same. 

"Please don't take a shot every time Azah claims her lack of gameplay was, "Being under the radar." You will get alcohol poisoning. #bigbrother23 #BigBrother" tweeted a user. "To hear Azah talk about how she's in the final 3 because of her "strategic" game play is laughable AND delusional!!! However, I wouldn't care if she won because the guys are so unlikable!!! #BigBrother #bb23" agreed another. "@azah_awasum had ZERO game plan! LOL! She didn't throw comps, she could NOT win! If she hadn't talked about Tiffany so bad, I would root for her. I want Xavier to win. Azah is petty & turned against the last woman. Big D is just.. Big D  #BigBrother #BigBrother23 #BB23" pointed out another.







Derek was also met with the same harsh criticism by fans, especially when he took credit for forming the cookout alliance, which was formed by Tiffany. Similarly, when it came to the idea of him winning the show, fans didn't think he had what it takes to win, even if he did make it this far ahead. 

"Big D taking all the credit for The Cookout is hilarious #BigBrother #bigbrother23 #BB23" joked a fan. "Me talking to Big D watching him talk about what a great player he is. #BigBrother #BB23 (I'm sure he's nice and all but….)" added another. "Big D def isn't going to win Big Brother he really didn't do much. He's still around because literally everyone thought "if I'm sitting next to him finale night I'll win". Ain't no strategy on his end lol" explained a fan. 







What do you think? Out of these three, who will be the last man or woman standing? Sound off below!

Catch the 'Big Brother' season finale on CBS on Wednesday, September 29 at 9 pm ET. 

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