Mykenna Dorn rejoins 'Bachelor in Paradise', fans say producers did 'poor girl dirty'

Mykenna Dorn joined the show with the hope of finding love, for the second time, but was met with heartbreak yet again

                            Mykenna Dorn rejoins 'Bachelor in Paradise', fans say producers did 'poor girl dirty'
Mykenna Dorn in 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)

With the show coming to a close, the pressure is piling on for the couples on 'Bachelor in Paradise'. With eight couples remaining, most of these pairs are now solid couples with established relationships. However, the show keeps adding twists in the form of new contestants. With all the drama that went down between Ivan Hall meeting Alexa Rae in secrecy before she could join the show, it looks like the producers decided to shake up the format.

With Ivan gone due to self-elimination, the next person to join the show was Mykenna Dorn from 'The Bachelor' Season 24 with Peter Weber. But her addition caught everyone off guard, seeing that she made an appearance on the show already.


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Fans were confused to see Mykenna show up now, when all the couples were steady and established. It seemed all the odd seeing that she had no luck making a connection during the VIP party. "McKenna has literally been sitting at the hotel since the party doing god knows what. #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "100 bucks says Alexa was supposed to come out today and Mykenna is her replacement #bachelorinparadise" pointed out another, seeing that Ivan previously broke the rules and met up with Alexa, which caused him to leave the show. "Mykenna when she realizes that all of the guys are locked down #BachelorInParadise" added a fan. 





Fans pointed out that the only ones to blame are the producers for bringing someone in so late into the show. "Man, the producers did this poor girl dirty. She didn't deserve to come in to Paradise with basically no options. #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Ok so McKenna didn't come back from the party because no one picked her. They make her go to the hotel. Just to bring her back and no one to pick her again. Which producer did home girl piss off?!? #BachelorInParadise" asked another. 




The situation went from bad to worse, seeing that Mykenna tried to ask Aaron out on a date, but he let her down gently, saving that he didn't want to pursue anything as of now. Mykenna felt heartbroken and rejected and couldn't help but cry about it. Certain fans wern't feeling too supportive about her waterworks. 
""I don't feel like I fit in"….you just walked onto the beach five minutes ago….you don't yet? #BachelorInParadise            #bachelorinparadiseabc #BIP #BachelorNation" pointed out a fan. 
"Sweets, he didn't knock your confidence down. He pulled you aside privately to let you know he's already with another woman - which was inevitable because you came in at the end of everyone's love journey. It's time to go home. #bachelorinparadise" added another. 
"the people on bachelor are so attractive it's clear they have never faced rejection before lmao if i cried every time someone politely declined going out with me we'd be in a river at this point  #bachelorinparadise" joked a user.







Mykenna was discouraged and ready to call it quits when Ed approached her and asked if she'd like to go on a date with him instead. Seeing that he recently joined the show himself, he hasn't had a chance to explore connections yet. Mykenna wasn't on board at first, but she realized she might as well make the most of her time here. This, however, puts Natasha in a tough spot yet again. Will Ed pick Mykenna over Natasha? Sound off below! 

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