A look at Greg Grippo and 'Bachelor in Paradise' star Mykenna Dorn's relationship

Turns out, Greg and Mykenna were talking to each other just before he got on Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette'

                            A look at Greg Grippo and 'Bachelor in Paradise' star Mykenna Dorn's relationship
Greg Grippo (Instagram/greggrippo) and Mykenna Dorn (Instagram/mykenna)

'Bachelor in Paradise' is a shot at love once again for the series' alumni. Seeing that they all ran out of luck on their season, the show's objective is to find love among people looking for it. But, it's not uncommon for the series' alumni to talk to each other outside the franchise, often sparking off-screen relationships.

With Mykenna Dorn joining the show's cast, it's clear that she is looking for love again. But it turns out she previously had an interesting connection with one of Katie Thurston's men. If you guessed Greg Grippo, then your right, seeing that the two were talking before Grippo went on to be a part of Season 17. So what exactly happened between them? Continue reading to find out!


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Grippo's time on Thurston's season was nothing short of explosive. While they were well on their way to being a couple, Thurston's reaction to Grippo's love confession sparked a massive fight between the two, with Grippo leaving the show, just after the 'hometown' segment. The two even got into an argument during the 'After the Final Rose' episode. Thurston accused him of acting and using this platform to further his career, among other things. Grippo maintained that there was no truth to that. 

While he didn't win Thurston's affection, he did seem to have something going on with Mykenna Dorn instead. As reported by US Weekly, a source stated that Grippo and Dorn were talking to each other prior to his appearance on season 17 of 'The Bachelorette'. 

"Mykenna and Greg used to talk last summer," the source revealed. "They really hit it off, but long distance came in the way." The pair were talking for a month, however, the source stated that they never met, seeing that she lives in Canada and he lives in New Jersey. But now, with Dorn on 'Bachelor in Paradise', it looks like their spark, if there was one, fizzled out. 

There have been talks that Grippo will be the next 'Bachelor'. However, as reported by Yahoo Life, he might not be getting his own season. When Reality Steve announced that Grippo was the next choice for Season 26, Grippo's uncle allegedly responded, stating that his nephew turned down the offer. 

The original tweet by Reality Steve read "What I've been hearing the past 5 days or so regarding the next Bachelor are this…been told it's going to be Greg. Obviously, it's never 'official' until ABC announces it (whenever that may be), but at this point I would be very surprised if it's not him."



Grippo's uncle's response to the same was "You are wrong. They offered it to Greg but he declined. They wanted him. It will be Andrew." the comment was later deleted. Looks like we'll have to wait and see if Grippo gets his own season. Till then, it's Dorn's chance to find love on 'Bachelor in Paradise.