'Bachelor in Paradise': Natasha and Ed go on a date, fans hope 'chemistry' works out

The couple may have gotten off to a slow start, but there might be potential

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Natasha and Ed go on a date, fans hope 'chemistry' works out
Ed Waisbrot (Instagram/ed.waisbrot) and Nastasha Parker (ABC)

For the contestants of 'Bachelor in Paradise', the show's point is to find love and walk out of the show with a relationship. While some couples have been lucky, a few singles seem to be down in the dumps constantly and have struggled to make a real connection. And then there is Natasha Parker, who had her emotions played with right from the start.

Natasha thought that she had something real with Brendan Morias, only for Pieper James to show up. Seeing that Brendan and Pieper had been together before the show, it defeated the series' purpose and eventually left the series. But that still left Natasha high and dry.


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This week, the roses are with the ladies and with new men showing up, Natasha might get a shot at happiness. With Ed Waisbrot and Demar Jackson from Season 16 of 'The Bachelorette', joining the cast with date cards, Natasha was hopeful. However, there was one person who wasn't thrilled -- Dr Joe Park. Joe showed up on the previous episode and took Natasha out on a date, but his close friendship with Brendan was a conflict of interest. With Ed taking Natasha out on a date, Joe found himself alone on the beach with a ukelele, trying to fix a broken heart. Fans were in on the joke and couldn't help but point out the similarity between him and Connor B. 

"Don't we know how every ukulele contestants journey ends….? #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Connor passing the ukulele to Dr Joe: #BachelorInParadise" joked another. "New hit single Where is Natasha??? #BachelorInParadise" chimed another. 




While Joe mopped around on the beach, Natasha had a great date with Ed and seemed to have fun with him. The chemistry was a bit lacking, but there was certainly potential and fans spotted it too. "ME AFTER SEEING NATASHA FINALLY GETTING THE PARADISE EXPERIENCE SHE DESERVES #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Definitely didn't see Ed and Natasha coming but GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!!! #BachelorInParadise" added another. "Ed is nice, he's funny, he has a job and isn't on the show to be an influencer, he isn't friends with Brendan….maybe the chemistry will be there next episode! #BachelorInParadise" pointed out another. 




What do you think? Will Ed get Natasha's rose? Or does Dr Joe still have a shot? Sound off below! 

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