Who is Alexa Rae? Ivan Hall went around the system to meet 'Bachelor in Paradise' star

It looks like neither Alexa nor Ivan will get a chance to explore their relationship as Ivan left the island on account of meeting Alexa is secret

                            Who is Alexa Rae? Ivan Hall went around the system to meet 'Bachelor in Paradise' star
Alexa Rae (Instagram/alexaraecaves)

When it comes to 'Bachelor in Paradise', finding love isn't easy. It all boils down to waiting and trusting the process. However, some contestants get a little more restless than others when it comes to waiting for love. It turns out, Ivan Hall found himself in that situation. After having his heart broken by Jessenia Cruz and later by Kendall Long, Ivan made a move on Chelsea Vaughn to get a rose. But, after getting into a heated argument with Aaron Clancy, it seemed like anything could happen at the rose ceremony. But, it turns out, something big did.

Before the rose ceremony, Wells Adams took Ivan aside to talk to him about a pressing issue. It turns out Ivan broke the show's rules -- while the contestants were holed up in another resort during a storm that stalled production, Ivan went through a producer's phone. He found the room details of a potential contestant, Alexa Rae, who was at the hotel. Breaking the rules, he went behind everyone's back and met with her. So, who is Alexa Rae?


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Who is Alexa Rae?

Alexa Rae was a contestant on Season 24 of 'The Bachelor' -- from Peter Weber's season. Rae is an esthetician. ABC synopsis says, "Alexa may look like a total city girl, but she grew up hunting on a farm in Springfield, Illinois with her mom, dad and brother. Six years ago, Alexa made a big a change. She had just broken up with her high school sweetheart of seven years and was finally ready to live the city life. Since moving to Chicago, she got her esthetician license and opened her own waxing salon. Alexa is a total free spirit and has a lot of hippie in her. She's all about love and acceptance, but at the same time, this girl has opinions and isn't afraid to express them. She prides herself on being the type of person to call people out to their face rather than behind their back. The main thing Alexa wants in a husband is chemistry, both physical and emotional. She admits that sometimes she has trouble being vulnerable, but we have a feeling Peter will be able to break down those walls."


She identifies as sexually fluid

While she and Ivan spent time together, Alexa identifies as sexually fluid and was previously linked with her Season 24 co-star Jasmine Nguyen. She even opened up about the same while talking to People. "I'm fluid," she explained. "I've been with women and I've been with men. I'm open minded [sic]. To me this really isn't a big deal. People in my life know this about me. But I thought that I'd share this because some people are curious and I'm not ashamed of who I am." she added.


However, it looks like neither Alexa nor Ivan will get a chance to explore their relationship, as Ivan left the island on account of going around the system to meet Alexa. With Ivan's journey ending, there were eight women and 11 men going into the rose ceremony. The ceremony went as follows -- Serena gave her rose to Joe. Abigail gave her rose to Noah, Natasha gave her rose to Ed, Chelsea gave her rose to Aaron, Becca gave her rose to Thomas, Maurissa gave her rose to Riley, Mari gave her rose to Kenny. And finally, Tia gave her rose to James. This meant that Blake, Demar and Dr Joe went home.

With Wells taking over the celebrity guest host duties this week, he urged the couples to have meaningful conversations about their future.

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