'Bachelor in Paradise' Fan Review: Will Natasha get a 'happy ending'?

'Bachelor in Paradise' Fan Review: Will Natasha get a 'happy ending'?
Natasha as seen in 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)

When it comes to 'Bachelor in Paradise', each week seems to get more unpredictable than the next. From couple self-evictions to exceptions being made at the rose ceremony, Season 7 is as explosive as it gets. And this episode proves that, indeed anything can happen on the show.

With the contestants having called out Chris and Alana, Brendan and Pieper were next on the hit list. Both the couples ended up leaving the show, seeing that they were on for all the wrong reasons. Here's what fans had to save about the episode.


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Inside 'Bachelor in Paradise' rose ceremony and Tia and Kenny's saucy date

While the rose ceremony was upcoming and nine guys had to give out roses to 14 women, 5 ladies would go home. And while some women were nervous, a few solid couples were making the most of their time. Among them were Riley and Maurissa, who had a little makeshift date of their own on the beach. This involved strawberries and whipped cream. Maurissa even had a little game going on, where they licked whipped cream off each other. Maurissa even went as far as to lick whipped cream off Riley's toes, which has everyone a little shocked and disgusted. But, as Wells put it, the beach was filled with mud, sand and dead crab parts, and if she could lick his toes, they could get engaged. Fans felt the same way. 

"I love the fact that Riley & Maurissa's time together always includes food and body parts. #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Maurissa is sucking on this mans toe, I know she's in love #bachelorinparadise" agreed a fan.




While Maurissa and Riley were getting it on, Tammy was not having a good time at all. With the upcoming rose ceremony, Tammy took Thomas aside to have a conversation about where they stand. Thomas told her that although they had a great time, things changed when he met Becca. Tammy felt heartbroken and believed she made the wrong choice when she picked Thomas over Aaron, even though everyone warned her. To make matters worse, it was Tammy's birthday and she ended up going home without a rose, seeing that Thomas picked Becca and Aaron picked Chelsea. Fans felt for Tammy, but at least she got a cupcake, if not the cake. 

"I know I'm late, but Tammy got rejected and then ejected from Paradise on her birthday. Dang. #bachelorinparadise" tweeted a fan. "Honestly, Tammy's backseat cupcake was a whole vibe…. #BachelorInParadise #bachelorinparadiseabc" added another.




For those of your wondering, Riley gave his rose to Maurissa, Joe picked Serena, Ivan picked Kendall, Noah picked Abigail, Kenny picked Mari, James picked Tia, Thomas picked Becca and Aaron picked Chelsea. This meant Deandra, Demi, Jessenia and Tammy went home. Natasha was given an honorary rose, seeing that her time on the show was ruined due to Brendan and Pieper's actions, allowing her another chance to make a real connection.

However, just when the couples seemed to settle in, new men joined the cast to shake things up. Blake was the first to come in from Clare and Tayshia's season, who was quick to whisk Tia on a date. Tia, who called him 'tatty daddy', was instantly smitten and James had every reason to worry. Blake and Tia's date went off very well, and Tia certainly was feeling a certain kind of way.
"I don't wanna know if her vagina is sleeping, ovulating, or dancing… Tia. Stop. Your church congregation is watching, remember?? #BachelorInParadise #bachelorinparadiseabc" tweeted a fan. "Not Tia's hoohah throbbing for Blake. #BachelorInParadise" added another. 




Meanwhile, the contestants were all Team Natasha and wanted nothing but the best for her. So when Dr Joe Park from Clare and Tayshia's season showed up, everyone was rooting for Natasha and him. He even took her out on a date and fans were just as thrilled. 

"Natasha and Joe, I love this for her and us! We deserve to see a happy ending and she deserves to have one! #BachelorNation #bachelorinparadise" added a fan. "The girls assembling to take down Joe if he does Natasha dirty: #BachelorinParadise" tweeted a user. 




But all good things come to an end, seeing that Dr Joe and Brendan are very close outside the show. When Natasha told him about what happened between them, he seemed conflicted about the whole situation. Natasha even noted that she could see the conflict on his face, which meant the spark had potentially died. What do you think? Will they be able to move on from this? Or should Natasha hold out for someone who isn't connected to Brendan? Sound off below! 

Catch 'Bachelor in Paradise' on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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