'Bachelor in Paradise': Fans want Natasha Parker to lead 'The Bachelorette' next

Seeing that Natasha Parker didn't receive a rose during the final rose ceremony, fans demand that she should find her own love story

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Fans want Natasha Parker to lead 'The Bachelorette' next
Natasha Parker as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Find love is no easy feat. And on 'Bachelor in Paradise', with new people joining every week, it proved to really be a challenge. But now, with the finale finally here, it looks like some couples have managed to survive it all. But, unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for a few others. For Natasha Parker, her paradise journey has been far from smooth sailing.

Natasha honestly struggled to make the right connection. After having had her hopes pinned on Brendan Morias, the whole situation with Pieper James left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. However, that didn't stop her from trying to find love and being open to the process. But now, it seems like her time has come to an end.


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With seven men and nine women going into the final rose ceremony, it meant that two women would be going home. As the rose ceremony played out, Joe gave his rose to Serena, Riley gave his to Maurissa, Kenny gave his rose to Mari, James gave his rose to Anna and Thomas gave his rose to Becca.

The pairing that came as a surprise was Aaron giving his rose to Tia and Ed giving his rose to Mykenna. Aaron previously had a strong connection with Chelsea, but after his fight with Ivan over her and his makeout session with Tia, he decided to go with Tia. Meanwhile, Ed and Natasha had a good connection, but seeing that he volunteered to go on a date with Mykenna and even spent time with her at prom, he ended up picking Mykenna. Natasha and Chelsea were sent home and it was heartbreaking to watch Natasha deal with the situation.

During her confessional, she opened up about how she always gets the short end of the stick. She admitted that it gets harder the older she gets. Fans couldn't help but feel bad for her. "If Natasha can survive this season of #BachelorInParadise you can survive anything" tweeted a fan. "My takeaway from this episode is that men are stupid #BachelorInParadise" added another. "SERIOUSLY??! Natasha deserved SO.MUCH.MORE. #bachelorinparadise" stated a fan.





Fans felt as though it was time for Natasha to get her own season. Most of them seemed to agree, seeing that they believe Natasha now deserves her own happy ending. "GET THIS GIRL A BACHELORETTE SEASON RIGHT NOW ABC #BachelorInParadise #bachelorinparadiseabc" demanded a fan. 
"Ed picking McKenna???? THE DISRESPECT Not to be dramatic but if Natasha isn't the next bachelorette I will fucking swan dive off the roof #BachelorInParadise" agreed another. "If they don't make Natasha the Bachelorette next turn around, I'm gonna riot. She deserves love. #BachelorInParadise " added a fan.  "If Natasha isn't considered for Bachelorette after this #BachelorInParadise" agreed a fan. "I DONT CARE ABOUT THE NEW WOMEN ON THE NEW SEASON OF THE BACHELOR!!! Make Natasha bachelorette so she can have a happily ever after!! Or we RIOT!!" added another. 













What do you think? Will Natasha be the next 'The Bachelorette' after Michelle Young? Sound off below if you think she should get her own season. 

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