'Bachelor in Paradise' fan review: Brendan and Pieper called 'intentionally malicious'

While Chris and Alana were made to leave the show, fans argue that Brendan and Pieper should also be asked to quit

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' fan review: Brendan and Pieper called 'intentionally malicious'
Pieper and Brendan as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

For the couples on 'Bachelor in Paradise', drama is now the name of the game. While there might be an upcoming rose ceremony, this episode saw two contestants leave the show, among other drama. Here's what fans had to say about episode 7.

In this episode, Tituss Burgess took on the responsibilities of being the host. His first order of business was to throw a VIP party, where only a select few individuals were invited for the same, causing obvious tension. Among the people invited were Jessenia and Chris, who have been going relatively strong so far. But that came crashing down rather quickly when four more ladies joined the party: Alana Milne, Mykenna Dorn, Chelsea Vaughn and Alayah Benavidez.


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Alana and Chris left the party to have a conversation that quickly turned into a makeout session. It turns out the pair had met before the show and had a connection already. Unfortunately, Jessenia walked in on them and was heartbroken. The rest of the contestants were Team Jessenia and stated that pre-established couples defeat the show's purpose. Fans echoed the same sentiment, as Jessenia and Natasha were both left hurt because of this strategy. 
"While what Chris and Alana did was dirty, comparing them to the human garbage cans that Brendan and Pieper are is not fair. Chris is just a horny man child, and Alana just wants a guy. Brendan and Pieper were intentionally malicious and horrible. #notthesame #bachelorinparadise" tweeted a fan.



This episode also addressed the Demi-Kenny-Mari love triangle. Kenny realized that he still has feelings for Mari, and they both agreed that if they had to leave the show with each other right now, they would. As Kenny called off things with her, Demi didn't handle the rejection well and bad-mouthed Mari relentlessly. Fans seemed done with Demi and her tantrums. 
"And did y'all notice that Mari didn't put Demi down ONCE in efforts to keep Kenny? But Demi did nothing but that? Yeah, bye girl. You're clearly not that fun, sis #BachelorInParadise" added a fan.



While Tammy and Thomas had a good thing going on, Becca asking him out on a date caused Tammy to feel highly insecure. Aaron, who was also interested in Becca, had a fun date with Chelsea. On Becca and Thomas's return, Tammy had a breakdown at the thought of losing to her. Aaron was convinced that she had it coming, stating that nothing better can be expected from Thomas. 
Fans didn't see the issue with the situation, as the whole point of the show was to explore potential connections.
"Aaron's devotion to the bring down Thomas -crusade is so funny to me. I love Aaron's goofy self but honestly I'm not really mad at Thomas. Not sure if his looks make me extra forgiving though. #BachelorInParadise". tweeted a fan. 



Rifts in romance weren't the only problems, as Riley and Joe confronted Chris on his intentions for being on the show. They called him out for clout chasing and wanting more fame. While the entire cast has been forthcoming about their views on why Chris and Alana should leave the show, fans pointed out that it was hypocritical, seeing that no one supported Natasha or called out Brendan and Pieper in a similar fashion. 

"Feel bad for Jessenia but where was this energy from the other contestants when Brandon and Pieper did the same thing to Natasha?? #BachelorInParadise" added a fan.



With pressure on Chris and Alana to leave the show, which they did, Natasha questioned why no one had rallied to get Brendan and Pieper thrown out as well, seeing that it was the same situation. With next week's preview teasing a whole lot of tears and an upcoming rose ceremony, anything can happen. What do you think? Will Pieper and Brendan be asked to leave as well? Sound off in the comments below! 

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