Brendan and Pieper quit 'Bachelor in Paradise' ahead of rose ceremony

Some of the cast confronted the couple about their connection while fans wanted them gone for good

                            Brendan and Pieper quit 'Bachelor in Paradise' ahead of rose ceremony
Brendan Morias and Pieper James as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)

When it comes to 'Bachelor In Paradise' there is no rulebook to the game, as Wells Adams put it -- there is only one rule, don't show up on the show with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. After all, the point of the whole franchise is to find love.

It turns out, Brendan and Pieper didn't get the memo, as they had met before the show and were involved. In fact, throughout the episode, Pieper even revealed that she met Brendan just before he came on the show and even blamed him for telling her to join him on it. And seeing that there was an upcoming rose ceremony with nine guys and 14 girls, some of the contestants were rightfully disgruntled.


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Natasha, Demi, Deandra, Maurissa, and Joe had a long talk about how Brendan and Pieper were on the show only for clout and this was no different from what Chris and Alana were doing. The only difference here was that Brendan was getting away with it because he was friends with the guys on the show. However, this group of people were not having it and decided to confront the two about their behavior. Fans at this point were done with Brendan and his behavior. 

"Brendan is so trash lmao i remember how hung we were when tayshia picked zac over him but i'm so glad she did now #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Brendan you are a piece of shit. How dare you say that about those beautiful ladies. I assure you they will find lasting love and you will end up alone. Enjoy your few followers… byeeeeeee #BachelorinParadise" added another.

"#BachelorInParadise Brendan using the phrase "disgruntled females" to refer to a group of women who were justifiably angry with him is, as Tre would say, human trash bag behaviour," added a fan. "Opportunities for more money? please go home already pieper and brendan it's pathetic at this point #BachelorInParadise," called out a fan. 









While Joe was the only guy among who confronted the couple, fans couldn't help but point out that Riley was missing from all of this, seeing that he was at the forefront when it came to calling Chris out. Although Maurissa was a part of the conversation, fans made it obvious that the real reason Chris left was that Joe and Riley together pressured him, but Brendan and Pieper didn't have to deal with the same pressure.

"Where was @RileyDChristian during all this?. Funny you had no idea sticking it to Chris yet Brendan nope you just send your girl to handle it and have her disrespected by your boy. What a joke. #BachelorinParadise" tweeted a fan. "I still stan Riley and Maurissa but the fact that he had sooo much to say to Chris but nothing to Brendan knocks him down a peg in my estimation. Call it both ways. #BachelorInParadise" added another. "Okay so why wasn't Riley there to go off like he did last time? Especially after how Brendan acted towards Maurissa? #BachelorInParadise" pointed out a fan.






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