'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Rodney Mathews' exit shocks Paradise, fans say 'give him the happy ending he deserves'

'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Rodney Mathews' exit shocks Paradise, fans say 'give him the happy ending he deserves'
Rodney Mathews in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Bachelor Nation is still reeling after this week's 'Bachelor in Paradise' self-elimination. Rodney Mathews left the beach after receiving a rose from Eliza Isichei and then being dumped by her the next day.

Eliza Isichei chose to leave the beach to follow Justin Glaze, leaving her other suitor, Rodney Mathews, in the dust after a tumultuous love triangle. But, although it makes sense for Eliza to pack her belongings and depart Paradise, why did Rodney have to leave? Lots of cast members have self-eliminated this season, higher than ever, only to Rodney join the list. Fans, on the other hand, have already campaigned to get him cast as the 'Bachelor' lead.


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Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise 2022 (ABC)
Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise 2022 (ABC)

Rodney had a difficult time in Paradise from the minute he stepped on the beach. He arrived with a date card and quickly invited Teddi Wright to speak... only for Teddi to almost instantly self-eliminate, a choice that continues to perplex fans to this day. Then Rodney forged an unexpected relationship with Lace Morris, only for the men and women to be separated for a week. During this time, Rodney became close to Eliza, who was brought onto the beach with a fresh set of ladies for the men to meet. Rodney opted to have a difficult conversation with Lace after discovering his deep feelings for Eliza, and their split drove her to self-eliminate.

Finally, Rodney appeared to be on track until Justin returned to the beach after being ousted earlier in the season, with his eyes set entirely on Eliza. The major focus of the November 7 episode's Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony was Eliza's dilemma about which man to pick. Both Justin and Rodney express their affection for Eliza, and her decision was a toss-up until she yelled Rodney's name at the last second. Everyone in the cast cheered – except Eliza, who walked off to soothe Justin in tears. Eliza was much sadder the next day, and when she took Rodney away for a discussion, it was clear from her expression that it was not going to be a nice conversation.

She added that she felt loyalty to Rodney since they had spent more time with each other than she and Justin had and that she also felt pressure to choose Rodney because he is so liked on the beach. Her affections for Justin, however, were greater, and she chose to quit the series in order to win him back. Rodney wished her well, but it was evident how shaken he was by the whole incident when he returned to his other co-stars.

"My heart’s broken, I’m embarrassed," he told the gathering crowd. "I thought she was my future." The remainder of the Paradise group gathered around him, many wailing and confessing their love for their betrayed buddy. "It’s astonishing how everyone here has fallen in love with Rodney except for the one person he wants," Brandon Jones remarked through tears as Rodney was shown getting in a car and departing the beach in a talking-head interview.

Rodney's heartbreaking exit made Bachelor Nation come together and call for him to be made the next 'Bachelor', "Nobody deserves to be The Bachelor more than Rodney." Viewers at home who hoped for a happy ending for Rodney tweeted, "Me calling the producers demanding they give Rodney the happy ending he deserves." Seeing everybody on the beach come together for Rodney made fans think, "The fact that everyone is crying for Rodney is a testament to how wonderful a person he is."  Another fan tweet read, "Hearing Rodney say he’s embarrassed feels worse than him saying he’s heartbroken."





Blaming Eliza for the whole situation, a fan wrote, "Okay so what we are NOT going to do is act like everyone forced eliza to pick rodney, she is a grown ass woman who makes her own decisions and her playing rodney like that was ALLLLL HER." Another viewer added, "My whole issue with this Eliza thing is that she made this whole deal about Rodney not fighting for her when she knew from the beginning she wanted Justin, from the beginning when she spoke to him she was all smiles, she knew smh." Praising Rodney for patiently listening to Eliza a fan wrote, "Rodney is the most emotionally mature man I’ve ever seen on #BachelorInParadise convos like this aren’t easy but instead of being defensive he listened." Angry fans are also made at the makers for missing out on the opportunity to cast Rodney as their next lead in the franchise, "Let’s boycott and NOT watch Zach’s season because they literally had the chance to make Rodney The Bachelor and keep ignoring us."





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