Did Justin Glaze say NO to Eliza Isichei? 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 star all set to confess her feelings

Did Justin Glaze say NO to Eliza Isichei? 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 star all set to confess her feelings
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 star Eliza Isichei will express her feelings for Justin Glaze (ABC/Instagram/@justinglaze)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Is it worth taking a risk for love? We will get the answer in the upcoming episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8. Eliza Isichei was recently seen getting confused between Justin Glaze and Rodney Matthews. Although Eliza gave her rose to Rodney, she was still not sure about her feelings. On the November 7 episode, Eliza said, "I just don't think I made the right decision for myself."

After being unable to clear her head, Eliza decided to leave the show. Rodney also dismissed himself after confessing, "My heart's broken, I'm embarrassed." He got into a car and left the beach. His exit may have saddened 'Bachelor in Paradise' fans, but it gave Eliza a clear vision. She was sure she wanted to move things forward with Justin. Even though she excluded herself from the show, she will try to make things right with Justin outside the show. Read on to know if Justin will say 'yes' to Eliza and if they are still together.


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In the recently released sneak peek video, we saw the members of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 feeling discouraged about Eliza and Rodney's elimination. Johnny DePhillipo says in the preview, "I'm questioning everything I think about right now." Andrew Spencer says, "We are here to find love, and when that doesn't work, we are hurt."

Also, in the clip, we see Eliza saying she's about to "knock on Justin's door" the 'Bachelor in Paradise' star believes she has a chance with Justin and that they could continue their sparking connection in real life, if not in the film role. She is seen walking down the street and probably approaching Justin's house. Eliza says, "He is not expecting me. But I think it confirms to me that my feelings are real and he's really important to me because I wouldn't do this for just anyone." Eliza then knocks on Justin's door in the video. Justin opens the door and is shocked to see Eliza there. He says, "What?" The video ended leaving fans to speculate whether or not he wanted to continue his connection with Eliza.


According to Reality Steve, Justin said 'No' to Eliza. The 'Bachelor in Paradise' spoiler guru tweeted, "As we know, Eliza gave the rose to Rodney. The next morning she says made mistake, and she tells Rodney, then we see her get on a plane, and go to see Justin asking for a chance. He says no. Wanted somebody who’s all in." 


'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 13 will is set to release on November 14 at 8.pm ET on ABC.

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