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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Eliza Isichei slammed for stringing Rodney Mathews along, fans ask 'why did you give him rose'

A sentimental Eliza explains to Rodney that she picked him at the rose ceremony last night because, at the time, 'it felt like the right thing to do'
Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Before their fourth rose ceremony on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' the beachgoers had important decisions to make. Eliza Isichei, on the other hand, felt the heat of her actions when she sent both of her connections packing at the end of the November 7 episode.

Eliza Isichei had to choose between Justin Glaze and Rodney Matthews. "I'm not ready for a life without you," Rodney said to Eliza, referring to her as his "potential wife." Rodney's reaction was "reassuring" to Eliza. "I'mma do whatever I can to fight and claw my way out and make sure we're happy on the other end," Rodney declared. "I promise you."


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Eliza then spoke to Justin, who gave her, her favorite candy, gummy bears. "I care about you a lot and I see something there," Justin explained. "I want to lean into that hard." Eliza and Justin kissed to cement the deal. Rodney can be seen telling everybody how "excited" he is for his future with Eliza as they kiss in the cabana.

Later, Eliza could be seen sobbing at having to choose between Rodney and Justin. "I can't do this," she sobs. "I can't get up there and make a decision." When she mentions leaving, Jesse Palmer arrives from the jungle to get the evening started before another player self-eliminates this season.

Finally, Eliza made her decision. Rodney received her rose, and she sent Justin home. "I don't want you to beat yourself up," Justin told a sobbing Eliza as she led him away. Even so, the tears continued to fall. "I'm really sorry," she apologized to Justin.

Eliza pondered the next day if she had made the correct decision. "I shouldn't be waking up this morning still confused. What does that mean?" in an on-camera interview, Eliza stated. "I feel like if Rodney was the right choice, I should've been like, 'This is awful, but at least I know the person that I really want is still here.' And that would've gotten me through the rest of this. The fact that I'm not sure, I think it's possible that I maybe didn't make the right choice for me."

Eliza approached Rodney to inform him of the issue. "I chose you because we've had such a good time together so far and it's been so good," Eliza said to Rodney. "And I chose you 'cause it's just like, it felt like the right thing to do. And I have a lot of feelings for you and like, I felt like a sense of loyalty. We spent so much more time together. But then I think when I was walking Justin out, I was so upset, and I thought I was just upset because I had to hurt someone's feelings."

Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Eliza and Rodney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

Eliza said that she felt the same way the next morning. "I feel like it wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't tell you how I was feeling and just, like, pretend I didn't have feelings for Justin, too," she said. Rodney inquired whether Eliza believed she had made the wrong decision. "I just don't think I made the right decision for myself," Eliza explained. "I think I felt so much pressure, and I think I was influenced a little bit by how much love everyone has for you."

Eliza stated that she felt more strongly for Justin than for Rodney. "I think he might just be a better fit for what I need," she continued. Rodney had little to say in response. "I'll leave you to it," he said. Eliza made the decision to collect her belongings and pursue Justin. "It took one date with Justin for me to feel like there's something really there," she said to the cameras. "And I think he felt the same way."

Fans quickly took to Twitter to slam Eliza for getting Rodney's hopes up, "WHY DID YOU GIVE HIM THE ROSE AND GET HIS HOPES UP IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO TURN AROUND AND BREAK HIS HEART THE NEXT DAY ELIZA?" Another fan noticed soon after the Rose Ceremony, "When eliza is more emotional about justin leaving than rodney staying." Seeing Eliza walk Justin out, a fan wrote, "Eliza you’re not the bachelorette u ain’t gotta walk him out." Another fan slammed Eliza for blaming others on the beach for her decision, "Not Eliza blaming her decision on everyone else’s love for Rodney girl."





Watching Eliza go after Justin, a fan wrote, "Eliza? I don't see it. Also she straight up chose the immature narcissist, that won't last long because I don't think Justin was into her like that, he was just trying to have an excuse to come back and stay." Another fan added, "I’m sorry, but Eliza blames it on Rodney bc she needed a macho man to “fight” for her? She put herself in that situation. I don’t know if this is all just producer games, but I don’t think she should get Justin now. She has no idea what she wants." Fans also slammed the makers for giving Eliza and Justin storyline more footage than needed, "So, you cut Rodney's exit and everyone emotional over it and give Eliza this poetic entrance into MD. Excuse me! Rather, see friends supporting each other than her knocking on Justin's door! Keep it on the beach that was weird & wrong!" More than going after Justin a fan showed their displeasure in Eliza stringing along Rodney, "The issue isn’t that Eliza wanted Justin. The issue is she strung Rodney along, gaslighted him, and made him feel to blame for HER decisions. She was wrong. Point.blank.Period.'





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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