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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Are Kira and Romeo together? Former's social media may hint at relationship status

The LA-based internal medicine doctor was eliminated during the season's first rose ceremony after neither Jacob Rapini nor Romeo Alexander chose her
Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander in a still from 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (BachelorNation/YouTube)
Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander in a still from 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (BachelorNation/YouTube)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: It appeared like tensions between Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander had subsided before she was sent home on 'Bachelor in Paradise' before the October 11 episode. Nonetheless, Romeo really leaves the show with her after her surprise (and, to be honest, unpleasant) reappearance in the aforementioned episode.

Despite being a member of the show's first love triangle in Season 8, Kira Mengistu quickly realized that she didn't belong on the island. The Los Angeles-based internal medicine doctor was eliminated during the season's first rose ceremony after neither Jacob Rapini (who gave his to Lace Morris) nor Romeo Alexander (who gave his to Jill Chin) chose her to get a rose. Kira comes back to the beach in search of a companion for the journey and Romeo seems to be her second choice. Furthermore, Romeo agrees, for reasons we're still trying to find out.


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Are Kira and Romeo still together?

It might have seemed to viewers that the love triangle between Kira Mengistu, Romeo Alexander, and Jill Chin on 'Bachelor in Paradise' ended with Kira's elimination. That would have been too orderly, though, for Paradise. On October 4, Kira live-tweeted the show and intimated that there could be a surprise in her quest. She wrote, "Don’t feel sad for me just yet" after being rejected for a rose.

Finally, the reason has become clear. As shown in the October 11 episode, Kira and Romeo finally met again on the beach. Kira's initial motivation for coming back to Paradise was to investigate the possibility of rekindling her relationship with Jacob Rapini, thereby nearly creating another love triangle. Kira turned back to Romeo for one more shot after Jacob said he was happy with Jill. "I really wish we had given this a real try ... I just feel like it’s unfinished business" before they kissed. After a long pause (and a comically hesitant facial expression), Romeo finally agreed to leave the beach with Kira.

However, Twitter wasn't convinced by his closing smile before he and Kira drove off. Users discussed their feelings about the rushed union. Even Kira herself was shocked by Romeo’s delayed reply, revealing her sentiments as she live-tweeted the show.


Are Kira and Romeo still together after 'Bachelor in Paradise' after they walked off the beach together? That’s not clear just now. Kira did mention, "I don’t yet have a stable partner," in a TikTok she posted on September 15 about freezing her eggs. Granted, the couple wouldn’t declare their formal relationship status until their 'Bachelor in Paradise' adventure aired, anyway, but perhaps it might be a subtle signal that the duo is trying to keep things casual if they’re together at all.

The twist comes only a week after Kira revealed her romance with Romeo before filming began. "In the New York scene, I would visit a lot," she said on 'Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation'. "I was living in Philly at the time, but I would visit New York a lot. I would hang out with him. He likes to have fun, I like to have fun, so we would hang out together," she added.

So, ignoring Romeo's perplexed expression, it appears he departed the beach with someone he knew very well.

'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm EST.