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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Why did Romeo leave with Kira? Fans wonder why he was 'scared and confused'

'I don’t think Romeo thought things through you can literally see the regret in his eyes,' said a fan
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
Kira and Romeo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)
Kira and Romeo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Kira Mengistu makes a surprising reappearance after her elimination from 'Bachelor in Paradise,' even convincing one man to leave the island with her! This twister not only shocked the Bachelor Nation, but also raise questions regarding the genuinity of their relationship.

On the October 11 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Jacob Rapini and Jill Chin had an amazing date and began to establish a relationship. When they returned to the beach, they were taken aback when Kira Mengistu reappeared after being eliminated at the previous rose ceremony. Kira stated that she had "unfinished business" to attend to and drew Jacob aside for a talk. Jill was unhappy since she and Kira were already involved in a love triangle (with Romeo Alexander).


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Jacob and Jill; Kira in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)
Jacob and Jill; Kira in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)

Jacob, on the other hand, consented to have the chat. "The reason I’m here is because I was blindsided when you decided not to give me your rose," Kira said. "I had a couple days to process it and I, honestly, have not been able to get you out of my mind. I know we didn’t really get to know each other for very long, but I know that what I felt was real, even though it was very new. I thought the energy I was getting from you was also very real, so I wanted to let you know where I’m at right now. I still have feelings for you."

Kira continued to convey her affections for Jacob, but Jacob didn't say anything during the talk. She became tearful as she expressed her feelings. "It doesn’t happen often to me like that," she continued. "You know when you feel like someone feels like home to you? You sort of, kind of felt like home to me, and I think that’s why I was really devastated by not getting your rose. I just couldn’t leave Paradise without trying to see if there’s any possibility of a second chance between us."

Jill was watching everything unfold, and the talk lasted far longer than she had anticipated. She decided she'd had enough when she spotted Jacob holding Kira's hand and left the beach to go to bed. Brittany Galvin, her friend, approached Jacob and encouraged him to reconsider what he was doing. Finally, Jacob realized he needed to ease off on Kira. Jacob revealed in a confessional that meeting Kira just confirmed his affection for Jill. He dashed upstairs to tell Jill that he just wanted her. They kissed, and the evening concluded on a happy note.

For a little while, it appears like paradise has settled down... But nah! Kira and Romeo kiss again before she asks him to leave the concert as well. He hesitates for an uncomfortably long time as he evaluates his alternatives (fans, on the other hand, believe he'll go home at the next rose ceremony regardless), but accepts. However, Romeo seemed to be regretting his decision during their exit interview. Not only is there scary music playing while Kira discusses their connection, but he appears to be emotionally screaming for assistance as they zoom in.

Kira and Romeo leaving Paradise in 'BiP' Season 8 (ABC)
Kira and Romeo leaving Paradise in 'BiP' Season 8 (ABC)

The entire scene called for a meme fest from Bachelor Nation and the fans delivered. One fan even offered to help even through their TV screen: "BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP ROMEO." Calling out Kira for the cards she pulled, a fan tweeted: "Lmfao not Kira confessing her feelings to Jacob & then leaving with Romeo a couple of seconds later." Some fans were also convinced the only reason Romeo agreed to leave the show was because he was not going to get a rose: "Kira just asked Romeo to leave paradise because he knew that he wasn’t getting a rose. So that’s why he took forever to answer Kira." Calling both of them 'crazy' a fan wrote: "Kira, you were just begging Jacob to take you back and now you're kissing Romeo?!?! Really? You are not there for the right reasons. You just want a man and to be there. Crazy. Romeo why would you go with her? Smh good luck! You all are crazy!"





The long pause from Romeo also made fans worry thinking: "I’m screaming what is this?! I don’t think Romeo thought things through you can literally see the regret in his eyes." Asking for an update on these couples, a fan wrote to ABC: "Why is she back? She left the show. Romeo should leave the show with her. Why not give it a shot if you’re going home? And why is ABC not showing more of the new couples over people who have already left or a successful couple that were on 2 other seasons?" Calling the Kira-Jacob conversation a fabricated one from the producers, a fan wrote: "The Kira-Jacob convo felt producer-forced and cringy like much of this season, but I kinda love the rekindling moment between the two Harvard hot messes, @KiraMengistu & Romeo." Some fans were confused at the fact Romeo looked upset while leaving with Kira as he was the one who agreed to it: "Why is Romeo crying ???" Another asked, "Oh lord why romeo look like he scared or confused"






Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 airs Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm ET.

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