'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Will Ashley and Jared announce their pregnancy at reunion? Fans think so after 'boom boom' night

'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Will Ashley and Jared announce their pregnancy at reunion? Fans think so after 'boom boom' night
'BiP' Season 8 couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon (ABC)

Some couples on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 got more screen time than needed, while, some got a lot less than expected. Salley Carson got a lot less as compared to the hype her story was given ever since the second episode. On the other hand, 'BiP' fans believed that Ashley Iaconetti and her husband Jared Haibon got much more unwanted attention as their storyline was not as interesting as others.

In 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 5, we saw Ashley and Jared spending their last night together on the show. Therefore, the couple showed their concern and need to do 'boom boom' as soon as possible. The show's creative team further hinted Ashley and Jared finally doing what they were meant to do (if you know you know) by showing a hammer hitting the nail, someone screwing a light bulb, and a flower blooming. The camera skipped rolling for almost 8 minutes and returned back showing Ashley brushing her teeth and Jared laying on the bed. Jared shared in front of the camera, "She'll fart up a storm one night, and then we'll have sex the next night. That's true love." Well, 'BiP' fans smell something fishy here. They speculate whether the couple will further announce their alleged pregnancy at the reunion. Keep reading to know more.


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Ashley and Jared's part in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 majorly spun around the couple discussing their sex life. Moreover, it seemed as if they were on the show only to light the spark that dimmed between them after marriage. Well, to many fans the couple bring on the show seemed to be a 'forced plot'. Moreover, a few think that the only reason for them being on the show was that they could announce Ashley's alleged pregnancy ahead. A fan tweeted, "So I’m a night behind and mostly fast forwarding the Ashley and Jared parts, but I’m guessing they announce a pregnancy at the reunion and that’s why this is happening". Another wrote, "Jared and Ashley were cute on their season; they look a little forced now. Bringing back established couples and having them steal screen time from all the drama that's always happening among people trying to couple up doesn't make for good TV imo". Furthermore, a fan felt relaxed thinking that they will not get to see any more of Ashley and Jared. "NO MORE Ashley and Jared! I don’t CARE if they go to the boom boom room!" wrote the fan. Another fan claimed, "Ashley and Jared are there to prove that there's no more sex after marriage and kids!"





Moreover, fans were too disgusted by listening to Ashley and Jared's sex stories all the time. A fan tweeted, "So the reason why Jared and Ashley are here is bc they want to have sex and give us updates?? Like hello go to your nearest hotel for that!" Another fan slammed the show, saying, "This season is too staged . Ashley and Jared TMI. Perhaps if you don’t talk so much about sex you would be getting some. It ruins it talking about it. Staged". Furthermore, a fan wrote, "I’m sorry, but this ashley and jared storyline is soooo lame. #bachelorinparadise Was this season that boring to need so many filler flashbacks?"




'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 6 will air on October 17 at 8 pm ET on ABC. New episodes of the show release every Monday and Tuesday.

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