Ateez OT8 VLive: K-pop band to have 1st VLive of 2021 with Mingi and San, fans say 'we did it'

Atinys are busy with the release of Ateez's collab project with Kim Jongkook, Seonghwa's VLive and the first OT8 VLive of 2021

                            Ateez OT8 VLive: K-pop band to have 1st VLive of 2021 with Mingi and San, fans say 'we did it'
Ateez to have their first OT8 VLive of 2021 (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

Ateez has announced that to celebrate their 1000th day as a group, they will be going live on VLive on August 12 at 6.30 pm KST (5.30 am ET). Earlier, Ateez celebrated their 1000th day on July 19 by releasing a special selfie music video of their b-side track ‘If Without You’. It also marked the return of Mingi as he had been on a hiatus since last November. Unfortunately, it did not have San as he was recovering from Covid-19.

We did get our first OT8 activity with all 8 members of Ateez on July 30. They appeared for ‘Ateez Online Live Travel Talk Show’ with Imagine your Korea. Most members sported new hairstyles and fans were thrilled that San and Mingi looked well and healthy. But since it was a scripted event with an organization, Ateez had to be on their best behavior. Fans have missed their chaotic VLives and hence are looking forward to tomorrow’s.


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Ateez in their last OT8 VLive (Ateez/VLive)

Ateez to go live

From just messing around with the app’s filters to playing games, when Ateez are left unsupervised, fans love the honest, fun side that they show. We last got an OT8 VLive on October 22, 2020 as the boys were preparing for their ‘Port of Call’ anniversary concert. They seemed relaxed as they chatted with Atinys and also spoke about things like their ‘Fever’ storyline, Wooyoung’s brother and played with filters. And now fans are looking forward to August 12's VLive.

'Season Songs' collab

One guess is that Mingi who is a huge fan of the first-gen iconic singer Kim Jongkook of Turbo is going to bring up Ateez’s collaborative album. The group is set to release ‘Season Songs’ with Jongkook with three songs — ‘Do You Want To Go See The Sea?’, ‘White Love’ and ‘Black Cat Nero’. While they dropped a performance music video of ‘Black Cat Nero’ on Halloween 2020, ‘White Love’ is a rearranged version of Turbo’s song and ‘Do You Want To Go See The Sea?’ is an original song made by Eden, Leez, Buddy, Ollounder and Ateez’s Hongjoong himself.

Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

The collaborative project also has a reality show where we will get to see the music-making process. They’ve also released concept photos for four of the members till now. The album, its music video, and the first episode of the reality show will all get released on August 16 on 1theK's YouTube channel.

Seonghwa's VLive (Ateez/VLive)

Seonghwa's VLive

Additionally, in anticipation of August 12's VLive, Seonghwa went live on August 11 to have a quick chat with fans. He spoke about the album and gave a special mention to ‘White Love’. He recommended Sam Kim’s ‘Love Me Like That’ which is the OST for ‘Nevertheless’. He also sang a bit of it and did a mini fashion show while the song played. He also flexed his clear phone case that shows hints of rainbow colors when the light reflects off it.


He also joked with Atinys who asked if it hurt when he fell from heaven and he responded yes and that his wings were broken. An Atiny also brought up the current heated debate in K-pop of mini chocolate ice cream and told him to eat it. He hilariously responded that he is allergic and will faint if he does eat it. He also asked fans to keep recommending songs on Fancafe since he loves listening to songs that Atinys like.


'We did it!'

Fans went on Twitter to trend 'OT8 VLive' with memes like, "OT8 VLIVE TMR…... WE DID IT!!! WE SAVED THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and "Ot8 vlive... Cries." One Atiny also brought back the last OT8 VLive, "Last ateez ot8 vlive was so funny and chaotic aaaa i can’t wait to see them together again."




With the first episode of the collaborative reality show also being pre-released on a Korean platform, fans posted some clips and said, "Our #ATEEZ boys almost had a heart attack when KJK suddenly appeared best reaction ahaha," and "Think ATEEZ didn't realise the extent of how adorable Jk can be." Another added, "Mingi comedic genius."