'If Without You': Mingi ends hiatus with Ateez's 1,000-day anniversary MV, Atinys are thrilled

Mingi who was on a break for mental health reasons returned to Ateez on their 1000th day anniversary with the music video 'If Without You'

                            'If Without You': Mingi ends hiatus with Ateez's 1,000-day anniversary MV, Atinys are thrilled
Ateez in 'If Without You' music video (ATEEZ/YouTube)

Don’t fret Atinys, Mingi is finally back! The rapper had gone on a hiatus and halted all activities with Ateez last November. Fans had missed the bubbly and cheerful member showering him with love and support while they waited for him. Rigorous activities had taken a toll on his mental health and it had been decided that he would rest and undergo counselling for a while. He did record his verses for their latest Korean comeback in March but it had been a while since we’d seen him.

We got the first signs of his comeback when fans spotted him going on vacation with his members to Jeju island a few weeks ago. He also participated in recording ‘The Real’, the finale song for the survival show ‘Kingdom’. Along with that, he also came on Twitter to wish San a happy birthday last week. It meant a lot to fans since he has also been inactive on social media while he was on hiatus. Well, not anymore.

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Mingi is back

On July 18, it was revealed that ‘8 makes 1 team’ would be complete once again. Ateez’s company announced that Mingi had gotten better. He had participated in several activities to see if he could fully return. With a positive outcome, his counselor had agreed that he could once again start working without any hindrance. And as of yesterday Ateez is complete with all 8 members actively participating.

While this news was received with much joy, there was something else in store for Atinys. As a celebration of their 1000th day, Ateez has been dropping all kinds of merch and exclusive content. They also gave fans a mission to stream ‘Wave’ and their latest single ‘Dreamers’. This has many fans wondering if they will get some sort of comeback or remix. That’s not it. They also released a music video on July 19 which marks their 1000th day as Ateez.



During the ‘Wonderland’ era back in October 2019, Ateez had included the track ‘If Without You’ in that same album, ‘TREASURE Ep.Fin: All To Action’. Fans didn’t think much about the b-side except that it was an upbeat R&B song. However, Ateez has released a special selfie music video of it that the boys filmed personally. It was released today, July 19, 2021.

The 'If Without You' music video was shot sometime this week as it’s visible that the boys are still in quarantine. After San tested positive for Covid-19, the boys had to go into self-quarantine. While San is recovering and so couldn’t participate in the music video himself, there is still a silver lining in this gloomy cloud. We got our first appearance of Mingi. While writing letters to Atiny and playing with props, Mingi suddenly pops out among the other members’ scenes to rap his verse.

‘8 makes 1 team’

Fans took to Twitter to support the music video and Mingi’s return. A fan tweeted, “MINGI IS WITH THEM ON THE IF WITHOUT YOU MV.” An artistic Atiny drew fan art of Mingi and tweeted it, “Fix On :'))).” Another tweeted, “8 MAKES 1 TEAM.” One tweeted, “THE IF WITHOUT YOU MV IS SO CUTEEEEEE.”





Watch the music video below.