Ateez 'SuperStar': Pre-registration opens for game, Atinys say ‘excited is an understatement’

Ateez are the newest K-pop act to be included in the 'SuperStar' game franchise as pre-registration opens for downloading 'SuperStar Ateez'

                            Ateez 'SuperStar': Pre-registration opens for game, Atinys say ‘excited is an understatement’
Ateez is set to release a gaming app (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

The ‘SuperStar’ is a popular rhythm mobile game for music lovers that was first launched in South Korea in 2014. Developed by the company Dalcomsoft Inc., it was a famous app among K-pop fans as different versions were created to accommodate K-pop acts of different companies. From ‘SuperStar SMTOWN’ to ‘SuperStar JYPNATION’, the franchise has branched out to include western stars like Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez in a US version. And the latest act to join the gaming series is Ateez.

The gaming platform announced on August 3 that they would be introducing a new series for a K-pop group that starts with the letter ‘A’. Due to the same font used by Ateez, Atinys were quick to guess that the fourth-gen boy group would be the latest addition to the ‘SuperStar’ lineup. On August 4, the company confirmed that it was indeed Ateez and pre-registration for the game began on August 5.


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‘SuperStar Ateez’ game created

Unlike other rhythm games like 'Just Dance' and 'Guitar Hero', ‘SuperStar’ provides added benefits that are definitely incentives for a K-pop fan. In the case of ‘SuperStar Ateez’, the songs that will be played in the games will be from Ateez’s discography. After completing the three levels — Easy, Normal and Hard, the player will earn a ‘Star Card’ with a selfie of an Ateez member, which is pretty similar to K-pop photocards. The cards can also be used to get other bonus items. By pre-registering, the user will also get other benefits like special 'R Grade Cards', premium packs and exclusive content from Ateez themselves.

The app itself will be released on August 18 and in celebration, Ateez will be playing the game. They will record themselves and release it as a relay video as they go through the app, comment on the cards and levels and play the game.

'And now we wait'

Fans are excited as they have been waiting for an Ateez version of ’SuperStar’ for a while. But some fans had gone over the top while trying to guess at the hints Ateez had given which amused other Atinys as they tweeted, “Atinys who went through lots of theories only to get a superstar ateez.” One Atiny tried to edit and guess how the ‘Star Cards’ would look like, “INCEPTION.” Another tweeted, “I can't wait to play HALA HALA, WONDERLAND, THANXX, THE LEADERS, WIN and FIREWORKS in hard mode at #SuperStarATEEZ.” One tweeted, “To say i’m excited is an understatement! i’m so happy for our boys ahhh!!” Another tweeted, “The remaining 10GB is already waving goodbye.” One tweeted, “And now we wait for 2 weeks.”