Astro's MJ bids farewell to members and fans with a special message before enlisting

MJ, the oldest member of Astro, begins the group's military era as he enlists in the military band on May 9

                            Astro's MJ bids farewell to members and fans with a special message before enlisting
MJ asks fans to support and stay with the five Astro members as they helped him during his hardships in the past (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

The day has finally come for MJ (also known as Kim Myungjun) of Astro to depart for his mandatory military enlistment and fans are very emotional. Back in April 2022, MJ shocked fans at the Astro Aroha Festival - the official fan meeting of Astro members where they interacted with fans for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. MJ announced that he was soon going to enlist in the military and that the boy band would promote as five members soon.

It seems like the dreaded moment is finally here as the trot singer asked fans to support Astro while he fulfilled his duty towards the country. On May 9, Fantagio Entertainment, the label that manages the activities of Astro, announced that MJ has already departed from the group and was entering the military training center for his basic training before enlisting.


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MJ bids farewell to fans ahead of his enlistment

Initially, MJ had announced that he would be enlisting as part of the military band, becoming the first member of the boy group to depart, starting Astro's military era. The label had not disclosed the location of MJ's enlistment to avoid the spread of Covid-19, in the event fans tried to pay him a visit. Instead of meeting fans in person, MJ posted a special message ahead of his departure. In his letter to Arohas, MJ said, "The time has finally come for me to depart for training as the date of my enlistment in the military approaches."

MJ told fans that since he would not be able to meet them, he is writing a letter instead. He added that he had been busy for a while, preparing for his absence, but the date of his enlistment drawing near has brought him a lot of clarity. MJ said, "I think the MJ I am today was possible because of Arohas who were with me in every moment." He told fans that he went through a lot of hardships while promoting as an idol but the support from Arohas (fans) was what made everything seem easy.

He asked fans to continue supporting Astro members as he enters a new phase of his life. "I'm leaving now to perform my military duty, but Astro is soon going to release a new album as well as hold a solo concert," he said. "The members are all working hard, so please look forward to it and send lots of love and support."


Astro's MJ shares his special message to members

MJ, who is the oldest member of Astro, went on to dedicate a public message to his members namely, Jinjin, Rocky, Sanha, Moonbin, and Eunwoo saying, "I'll come back with a reliable and mature image, so until I come back, please make more happy and beautiful memories." He told members that since health is his top priority, he hopes they complete the album promotions and concert in the best of health.

MJ promised members, "I will be cheering you on from afar. I love you a lot.” MJ concluded his message by saying, "I will return as a healthy person by practicing diligently without getting hurt, so I hope that Astro will always be by Aroha's side while I'm away." Meanwhile, Astro will make a comeback with their third regular album, 'Drive to the Starry Road' which will be released on May 16, 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

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