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Astro announces May comeback, fans hope MJ who was on hiatus joins them

Astro's last full group comeback was in August 2021 with their successful album 'Switch On'
Astro is reportedly working on their next album (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)
Astro is reportedly working on their next album (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

Astro is on a roll and it doesn’t look like they are stopping anytime soon. Since 2021, they have had two group comebacks, MJ made his solo debut, JinJin and Rocky made a sub-unit debut, Sanha and Moonbin had their first sub-unit comeback while Eunwoo was filming for his first film with a major role. And just weeks after Moonbin and Sanha’s release of their second EP ‘Refuge’, reports flooded in that Astro was once again working on another group comeback.

It was previously reported that Astro was in the final preparations for a comeback set for May. Well, on April 5, Astro’s label, Fantagio confirmed the news. An official shared that Astro was indeed preparing for an album with the goal of a comeback. If they do release their next album in May, they will be making a comeback after nine months. Their last comeback was with their eighth mini-album ‘Switch On’ which was released in August 2021. However, with the news, fans wonder if MJ will be joining Astro.

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Astro to have a full group comeback

Back in January, right after his solo debut, it was revealed that MJ would be going on a hiatus. The eldest Astro member had been facing some health complications. While the nature of his condition was not revealed, Fantagio shared that he would be going on a temporary hiatus. Fans were worried as the label had shared that MJ had visited several professionals due to facing some difficulties while promoting as a K-pop idol.


However, Arohas (Astro’s fandom) were happy when they got a glimpse of a purple-haired MJ on March 20 as he joined the rest of Astro to react to the music video of ‘Who’ by Moonbin and Sanha. His new hairstyle had already sparked rumors that he might be rejoining his K-pop group. Furthermore, with the report stating that Astro will be making a ‘full group comeback’, fans are optimistic that MJ might be participating in the album release set for May. He is also going to be joining Astro for their fan-meeting, ‘Astro Aroha Festival’ on April 9.

'This is gonna be so good'

Excited fans ended up trending Astro as they made tweets like, “I WONDER HOW ASTRO WILL EXCEED THEIR PREVIOUS COMEBACK LIKE ONE AND AFTER MIDNIGHT THOSE ARE BOPS ALREADY AHHHHHH I'M SO HAPPY.” Another made a reaction meme, “ASTRO COMEBACK ON MAY!! MJ to AROHAS: EVERYBODY CALM DOWN.” One Aroha posted, “Comeback with that purple hair and i'll be fine by a 100%.” Another joked, “Astro feeding us this year fr.” One Aroha said, “I can’t believe we’re getting an astro comeback next month…and as ot6…oh this is gonna be so good.”