Astro announces comeback with 'Drive to the Starry Road' plus Seoul concert after MJ's enlistment

Astro announces comeback with 'Drive to the Starry Road' plus Seoul concert after MJ's enlistment
Astro announces a comeback with 'Drive to a Starry Road' as well as a solo concert titled 'Stargazer' after MJ's enlistment (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

Looks like Astro’s military enlistment is era is soon to begin as the oldest member MJ announced the sudden news of his temporary hiatus from group activities in order to fulfill his duty to his country. MJ will enlist in the military on May 9 but it seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the boy group announcing a May 2022 comeback. Just like many other K-pop acts, Astro announced a comeback back at the beginning of April, and now, their label, Fantagio Entertainment has finally made it official.

On April 25, the label released the announcement that Astro will be making a comeback with their third full-length album, ‘Drive to the Starry Road’ on May 16, almost a week after MJ’s enlistment. This will be Astro’s first official comeback with only five members but it seems like fans will get to hear MJ on the comeback album's songs. Astro members appeared as a full group back in August 2021 with the release of their mini-album, ‘Switch On’. This new regular album ‘Drive to the Starry Road’ will come 13 months after their second regular album, ‘All Yours,’ which was released in April 2021.


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Astro to make a comeback without MJ

Seems like the experience will be new to Arohas (fans of Astro) who are used to seeing the boy group as six members. While MJ is expected to be in the military, he had asked fans to wait on the boys in his absence during their last Aroha Fan Meeting back in April. While this will be their first group comeback in nine months, the boys have been busy promoting solo and duo debuts and comebacks.

Astro’s vocalist and trot singer MJ made his solo debut with ‘Happy Virus’ while a new sub-unit from Astro saw the light of day with leader Jinjin accompanied by Rocky who released their duo debut album, ‘Restore’. With the exception of member Eunwoo who has been releasing a few OST singles, fans also got to see the much-loved sub-unit of Astro - Moonbin & Sanha who made a comeback with ‘Refuge’ in March this year.


Astro teases solo concert

Fantagio Entertainment teased Astro’s upcoming dreamy comeback with a teaser poster for ‘Drive to the Starry Road’. In the poster, fans can see a classic blue car under the blue sky which conveys the refreshing energy of this release. Now as fans are anticipating the new comeback from Astro, the boy group has also announced a solo concert in Seoul after the release of the album. Astro members will perform for fans at their third Astroad to Seoul ‘STARGAZER’ on May 28 and 29 for Arohas.


'Astro is Coming'

Excited fans started trending 'Astro is Coming' on Twitter as they talked about the comeback. One fan said, "I'M BRINGING THIS BACK COZ WAS IT TOO EARLY FOR A HINT FROM OUR SPOILER KING #MOONBIN? OR JUST 3AM THOUGHTS." One fan said, "ASTRO y AROHA with new concept be like" One more fan said, "Mj said a lot of contents are coming out soon, I hope astro zone season 2 is one of them." Another fan said, "Astro's 3rd album concept." One fan said, "MJ saying please take care of the members during aaf and now he also wants everyone to look forward for astro comeback. ofc we will."







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