Astro's Moonbin and Sanha announce sub-unit comeback, fans ask 'Eunwoo solo next?'

Astro's Moonbin and Sanha announce sub-unit comeback, fans ask 'Eunwoo solo next?'
After Jinjin and Rocky's sub-unit debut and MJ's solo debut, Astro's Moonbin and Sanha's sub-unit makes a comeback while fans wait for Eunwoo's solo debut too (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

After the success of their last sub-unit release, the dynamic duo of Moonbin and Sanha from the six-member boy group Astro, have announced their comeback which drops next month. Arohas have really been excited for Astro members venturing into their solo careers after the group’s last successful comeback with their tenth mini-album ‘Switch On’ that was released in August of 2021. While Astro members have been booked and busy with members Jinjin and Rocky making their sub-unit debut with their first EP ‘Restore’ that dropped in January 2022 as well as MJ making his solo debut as a semi-trot singer.

Since it was announced that MJ would be taking a hiatus from his activities due to health complications, fans of Astro were taken aback. Now as of February 4, Fantagio Entertainment, the label that manages Astro’s group as well as solo/sub-unit activities, reported that Astro’s much-loved sub-unit comprising of members Moonbin and Sanha was going to make a comeback in March. Not only that but it was also announced that the duo was also going to pre-release a new single, ‘Ghost Town’ in February itself causing a lot of excitement amongst fans of the group.


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Moonbin and Sanha to drop ‘Ghost Town’

The label reported the news of Moonbin and Sanha making a full comeback with their second mini-album that will release in March of 2020. In order to tease fans ahead of the comeback, Fantagio Entertainment revealed that the boys will pre-release the single ‘Ghost Town’ on February 11, 2022, a month ahead of their mini-album release. The label also reported that ‘Ghost Town’ will present a different look to the two idols in comparison to their last sub-unit concept. The label has also revealed that the track 'Ghost Town' will be released as an 'epilogue' to the upcoming album that drops in March which has also raised expectations amongst fans regarding Moonbin and Sanha’s second EP.

Members Moonbin and Sanha officially debuted as part of Astro’s first sub-unit named ‘Moonbin & Sanha’ back in September of 2020 with their first mini-album ‘In-Out’ with the title song ‘Bad Idea’ that made the duo's presence known on several domestic as well as international charts. While Moonbin and Sanha both have been doing well when it comes to solo or duo projects, Sanha is particularly also gaining a lot of popularity for his acting skills. Now with all members other members of Astro having made their solo/sub-unit debut or announced their sub-unit comeback, fans are eagerly waiting to witness Eunwoo go solo or become part of the sub-unit with MJ as soon as he recovers.


'Was this a spoiler?'

Fans of Astro are overwhelmed by the news of back-to-back solo or sub-unit projects for Astro members. One fan on Twitter said, "Wait a sec Moonbin ssi Sanha ssi. Was this a spoiler for #MOONBIN_SANHA Ghost Town???" Another fan said, "Jinjin really meant it when he said astro is going to run in 2022. jinjin x rocky debut in january, moonbin x sanha comeback in march with a february pre-release. i wouldn't be surprised if an eunwoo solo or a group comeback followed up (presuming that mj's back on his feet then)." One more fan noted, "So sanha and moonbin comeback we got jinjin and rocky and also mj solo… i’m expecting eunwoo solo next then!" 

Another fan said, "Their comeback usually takes 4months but now fantagio releasing solo & units every other month????" One more fan joked, "Moonbin and sanha announced a comeback AND i slept good last night?????? is life setting me up and tricking me that today is ab to be good or is today ab to actually be good."












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