Is Asian Doll transphobic? Rapper mockingly misgenders Nikita Dragun

Asian Doll wrote, 'Nikita about to be dragged by his bald head'

                            Is Asian Doll transphobic? Rapper mockingly misgenders Nikita Dragun
Asian Doll misgendered Nikita Dragun on Twitter following the latter's debut music video release (Photos by Cassidy Sparrow and Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

Nikita Dragun is claiming to be the first transgender pop star after releasing her debut single 'D*CK'. People on the Internet are dragging her for claiming to be the first one to do it. Examples of the late icon Sophie and Kim Petras are being cited by fans who are poking fun at Dragun. Rapper Asian Doll too participated in mocking the makeup artist turned social media star turned pop star but she upped the nasty by misgendering Dragun. The tweet remained on her page for quite some time and was deleted after users called her out for it. 

This is not the first time Dragun has been subjected to a transphobic attack. In June this year, former YouTuber Taylor Caniff shared a couple of Instagram stories featuring his male friend and Nikita Dragun. The two were out to grab food and Caniff recorded them and later boasted about telling the security guys about how Dragun was a "dude" presenting as a woman. Dragun saw the stories after fans brought them to her attention following which she posted an emotional IGTV video addressing the situation, offering a visceral explanation of what it's like to be a transgender woman


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Is Asian Doll transphobic?

Here's a little background into what led to Asian Doll tweeting what she tweeted. Dragun released her song where she dragged a lot of people including rapper Tyga who she accused of Tyga being in her DMs once again. She had made the same claims back in 2018 which the rapper had strongly denied but many believed Dragun's side of the story. In the music video of her debut single, Dragun included a screenshot of the dm Tyga sent her which read, "Text me" with a number that was redacted. The authenticity of the screenshot cannot be proven. 

Along with attempting to out Tyga, Dragun also included a photo of Asian Doll's body with a pink blingy outfit which appeared on screen with the words "you wearing shit that I already wore." A fan pointed this out to Asian Doll on Twitter with the message, "Sis, why did Nikita Dragun put your picture in her video she just posted." Asian Doll responded back writing "Nikita about to be dragged by his bald head," with a laughing emoji. Fans of Dragun as well as those that don't support her hit back at Asian Doll for her transphobic tweet following which she had to take it down. Nikita Dragun has yet to comment on the subject, but knowing her, there's a reaction coming.


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