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Was Blackpink hiatus intentional? 'Pink Venom' breaks records but Knetz call it 'bad & repetitive'

Fans of Blackpink are enraged after Knetz bash the girl group's new single for bring very similar to their older songs
Fans slam Blackpink's producer, Teddy Park for releasing repetitive songs with 'Pink Venon' (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)
Fans slam Blackpink's producer, Teddy Park for releasing repetitive songs with 'Pink Venon' (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink's comeback with 'Pink Venom' from upcoming album 'Born Pink' was the most anticipated release of 2022. With the girl group being on hiatus for almost two years, eager fans had been waiting for a new release from Blackpink. From demands of a comeback to insistence on more promotional content for the members' solo projects, Blinks had been constantly in contact with YG Entertainment to ensure the members' talent was not being wasted. Blackpink's last album, 'The Album', was released way back in October of 2020; there were close to no group activities from the girl group until the release of 'Pink Venom' on August 19.

Many wondered why YG Entertainment was keeping their biggest and most popular girl group intentionally on a hiatus for close to two years. K-pop fans believe that the hiatus was YG's ploy to ensure that the girl group had the biggest release of all time. With fans starved for close to two years, it was obvious that Blinks would pounce the opportunity to make 'Pink Venom' Blackpink's best-released single till date. That is true as Blackpink is now the fastest group to surpass 86+ million views on their music video among other 2022 releases, defeating BTS' June release, 'Yet To Come'. Despite the single breaking so many records within 24 hours of its release, Korean fans claim that the music video for 'Pink Venom' was very similar to their old releases.


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Knetz call Blackpink's 'Pink Venom' repetitive

Before the release of Blackpink's 'Pink Venom', YG Entertainment promised Blinks that the upcoming music videos of the two title tracks of 'Born Pink' will be the most expensive music video to have been produced by the label. Fans were satisfied that the label was making up for the lost time by giving the girls their best-produced video, but now Knetz have other things to say. The new single has been loved by international fans of Blackpink, including shoutouts from soccer player Neymar; K-pop idols like ITZY's Yuna and Stray Kids' Bang Chan have tuned into Blackpink's newest single proving it to be an international success.

Regardless, Knetz feel that the new single holds a lot of likeness to past releases from the girl group. These fans claim that over the last four to five years, Blackpink has been having the same concept with their songs like 'Boombayah', 'Du Ddu Du Ddu', 'Kill This Love', and 'How You Like That'.

Fans also claimed that the girl group lacks diversity in terms of their music and have been releasing songs with very repetitive choreography. Some fans are calling out Blackpink producer Teddy Park, who is credited with writing all of the girl group's songs to date.


'Blackpink needs to fire Teddy immediately'

Fans are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new single from Blackpink. One fan said, "If ANYONE else released pink venom, y’all would be sh**ting on them nonstop for how bad the song is. just because it’s blackpink doesn’t mean it’s good." One more fan said, "I'm sorry but BP got set up with Pink Venom. The song is so bad and messy, imagine performing this at the VMAs Teddy needs to be jailed IMMEDIATELY!" Another fan said, "Pink venom is so bad. Fire teddy for keeping the same mother fcking structure for his songs. Fire the choreographer. Bring back playing with fire, as if it’s your last, whistle. Same sht every comeback for the past 3 years."

One more fan said, "Idk what i was expecting for pink venom but the chorus is idk it’s not bad but it’s just like their other songs…… teddy is so mf annoying." Another fan said, "PINK VENOM INTRO IS SO DAMN STRONG THEN IT FALLS OFF…SOMEONE FIRE TEDDY AND THESE KIDZBOP BEATS." One fan said, "I’m so disappointed i expected something better from them. like that’s blackpink we’re talking about. f**k you teddy i didn’t wait for 2 years just to get a song like this pink venom was just so bad." One more fan said, "Woke up so early to listen to pink venom and wtf did i just listen to??? the song is so fucking bad teddy i want a refund."

A fan listed, "Pink venom is so underwhelming. the writing is bad and lazy. lines are repetitive and empty. the instrumental is simple in the most boring way. the ratatata part is so annoying." One more fan said, "Waited two years and it's a horrible same repetitive music , thought this was gonna be THE comeback but pink venom is bad I'm sorry." Another fan said, "Agree! I hate to say this but Blackpink became so PREDICTABLE. They need to work with new producers. Even the ending — the song, the choreo, and the music video looks the same as their previous songs. Honestly disappointed."














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