Are April and John Kirk still together? 'You, Me & My Ex' couple argues over her ex-husband Roy

April recently took to her Instagram to shower her ex-husband Roy with praises

                            Are April and John Kirk still together? 'You, Me & My Ex' couple argues over her ex-husband Roy
'You, Me & My Ex' stars April and John Kirk (TLC)

April and John Kirk's relationship is anything but conventional. Right from the way their relationship began to the couple's relationship with their exes, the duo's strangely intriguing life managed to make it to TLC's latest reality show 'You, Me & My Ex'. 

On the recently aired episode of 'You, Me & My Ex', April snuck away with her ex-husband Roy and got a matching tattoo with him. When John found out about it he wasn't pleased and started getting a bit uncomfortable with the close relationship that April and Roy continue to have despite being divorced.


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Are John and April Kirk still together?

So, John gave April an ultimatum of sorts asking her to either pick him or Roy. April herself mentioned in an earlier episode that she was very close to Roy and joked about how they still do everything that a married couple does aside from sleeping together. It looks like April managed to convinced John that there's nothing going on between Roy and her, as she still continues to be married to John, while being friends with Roy.

The reality star recently took to her Instagram to shower praises upon her ex-husband. Alongside a selfie of them, she wrote, "Sometimes, I don’t want to pinch him. We actually can get along 😂 #joshuatree #california #youmeandmyex #heputsupwithme." She also appears to still be happily married to John. In another post, she posted a picture of John and her enjoying an ice cream. She captioned the picture with, " Ice cream makes him happy. Me putting a filter on this picture that makes him look like a cartoon - not so much 😂 The secret to a happy marriage is balance! Follow me for more tips on how to annoy your spouse 💁🏻‍♀️."


Before they became a couple, John and April were neighbors. John was married to Loren and April was married to Roy. Both the couples were going through a rough patch in their respective marriages. Eventually, John and April ended up falling in love. Loren and Roy were blindsided by their spouses’ connection and things got rocky as both divorces were finalized. Roy and April continued to stay friends, much to John's dismay. But it looks like everything is fine between the trio.

'You, Me & My Ex' airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 

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