'And Just Like That' Episode 9: Fans ship Carrie and Steve after emotional scene

Carrie and Steve have a heartfelt conversation that had fans saying 'Miranda didn't deserve him'

                            'And Just Like That' Episode 9: Fans ship Carrie and Steve after emotional scene
David Eigenberg as Steve Brady and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That' (HBO Max)

Spoilers for 'And Just Like That' Episode 9

Another Thursday and HBO Max is here with the penultimate episode of 'And Just Like That' where the New York ladies are tackling brand new opportunities, life, changes, and love in their 50s.

Episode 8 saw a monumental event occur in the life of Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) when she told her husband Steve (David Eigenberg) that she wanted a divorce after their decades-long marriage as she wasn't in love with him anymore. The breakup was brutal, but she did what she did and went on to confess her love for Che (Sara Ramirez) and luckily Che reciprocated her feelings, later flying to Cleveland where her lady love is performing. Here's what happened in Episode 9 of 'And Just Like That' and how fans reacted.


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Episode 9 of the series saw Miranda have a good time with Che with the two happily getting to know each other. She had also invited her friends for a charity painting event which saw Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) help as well. Surprisingly, her now ex Steve also shows us with their son and she cheerily tells them it's okay as it was originally meant to be a family event. Later on, as Carrie and Steve painted a room, he asked her about the situation with Miranda and Che, questioning her about how long had she felt that way. The episode also saw Carrie struggle with taking off her wedding ring and wearing Big's ring as well which Steve related to.

In their conversation, Steve says that he gets it and that his ring isn't going to come off as he meant the 'till death do us part' vow of his marriage. When Carrie brings up the matter about his happiness and whether he didn't want to find someone else at some point, he simply replies, "Never coming off", indicating his eternal love for Miranda.

Fans who watched this emotional and warm exchange loved the scene between the two. A few of them were of the opinion that Miranda who has been dismissive and selfish never deserved Steve and added that they have always loved interactions between him and Carrie. Some were so touched that they even shipped the two.

A fan commented, "The scene with Carrie and Steven. He said he’s never taking that ring off. Miranda never deserved you Steve. #AndJustLikeThat", while another added, "Steve and Carrie would’ve been a cute couple. Miranda didn’t deserve him. #andjustlikethat". A tweet read, "Carrie and Steve? I ship it? #andjustlikethat". 

Another user said, "I’ve always loved scenes between Carrie and Steve. More of that please. #AndJustLikeThat", while another shared a similar sentiment saying, "that little moment with steve & carrie was the best thing that came out of that jank ass revival #AndJustLikeThat". A tweet also read, "the scene with steve and carrie is everything #AndJustLikeThat".







'And Just Like That' returns with a new episode on each Thursday on HBO Max.

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