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Ana Walshe murder: Residents of DC apartment building she managed call her 'forceful and shady'

Ana's husband Brian was arrested on January 8 for misleading the investigators and has now been charged with murder
Ana Walshe managed the luxurious Washington DC building Crossing (Facebook/Ana Walshe)
Ana Walshe managed the luxurious Washington DC building Crossing (Facebook/Ana Walshe)

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COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old real estate investment manager and mother of three young boys, went missing on New Year's Day. Ana's husband Brian Walshe, 47, was charged by prosecutors in connection with his wife's death on January 17. Now, a scandal at the Washington DC building, Crossing, managed by Ana has come to the fore. It is being reported that two men pretended to be federal agents and lived in the DC building rent free. Some residents have also described Ana's handling of the incident as 'forceful and shady.'

Brian was arrested on January 8 for misleading the investigators and has now been charged with murder. Court prosecutor Lynn Beland also revealed a list of Google searches that Brian made, which included 'How long before a body starts to smell', 'How to stop a body from decomposing', 'How long does DNA last', 'How to clean blood from the wooden floor', 'Can you be charged with murder without a body' among others. 


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What was the scandal at the DC building managed by Ana Walshe?

Ana managed a luxury Washington DC building, Crossing, where two fake Homeland officers Arian Taherzadeh, 35 and Haider Ali, 40 spent months and failed to pay $ 222,000 in rent, as reported by Daily Mail. Both pleaded guilty to creating a private law enforcement service called the 'United States Special Police' and impersonating federal agents to recruit members to their fake investigative team.

The scandal was discussed in details in a video on the YouTube channel This Country Girl's Life, which made some shocking revelations. According to the channel, "Some residents living in the building Ana managed ,fear that they are not getting all the details in a case regarding two men posing as federal law enforcement agents to live there rent free." The channel added that Taherzadeh and Ali "pleaded guilty to impersonating department of homeland security officers, to live a luxurious lifestyle, rent free in the Crossing building." 

The channel further alleged, "Some tenants are questioning whether the company and Ana Walshe by extension actively avoided sharing certain information with them intentionally. Members of the tenants association in the Crossing building, which houses journalists and government workers in the upscale Navy Yard neighborhood, say that they fear that Taherzadeh and Ali will avoid a full public airing of their actions and that Walshe's employer Tishman Speyer is withholding scandalous details from them."

The channel reported that residents described Ana as "forceful and shady" and that on an occasion Ana even claimed that "she wasn't Ana Walshe." "Ana Walshe was described as very forceful and shady in her handling of the aftermath of the scandal, even claiming to tenants on one occasion that she wasn't Ana Walshe, in an apparent effort to duck their questions following the April 16 FBI raid that busted Taherzadeh and Ali," alleged the channel.

The channel added that a tenant called Ana Walshe "a wolf in sheep's clothing and a very fake person who alternated between a power woman persona and a meek manner." "The tenant said Walshe lied to people and said things she wanted you to hear in the moment," reported the channel.

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