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'Brian and I don't get along': Internet reveals missing Ana Walshe's chat with mom week before disappearance

A Redditor noticed Ana Walshe's changed response in chat and asked, 'what the hell kind of mind games was Brian playing on her?'
UPDATED JAN 21, 2023
A week before disappearance, Ana Walshe told her mother that she had an argument with her husband, Brian Walshe (Instagram/@anawalshe, YouTube Screenshot/Fox News)
A week before disappearance, Ana Walshe told her mother that she had an argument with her husband, Brian Walshe (Instagram/@anawalshe, YouTube Screenshot/Fox News)

BELGRADE, SERBIA: Ana Walshe, who is suspected to have been killed by her husband Brian Walshe, reportedly told her mother once that she found him "strange and brooding." Ana, a 39-year-old real estate manager and mother of three young sons, was reportedly seen last on January 1. She was reported missing by her employer on January 4 after she failed to appear at work in Washington, DC

Ana's husband, Brian, was charged by prosecutors in connection with his wife's death on January 18. Along with the charges, court prosecutor Lynn Beland also revealed a list of Google searches that Brian made, which included 'How long before a body starts to smell', 'How to stop a body from decomposing', 'How long does DNA last', 'How to clean blood from the wooden floor', 'Can you be charged with murder without a body' among others.


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As the investigation into the missing Massachusetts mother's disappearance and possible murder continues, Serbian tabloid Blic quoted Milanka Ljubicic, Ana's mother as saying, "She (Ana) was with her older sister in Belgrade and that's when Ana once mentioned to me that 'Brian is strange and brooding' and that she can't stand it anymore and that she wants to spend more time with the children."

Ljubicic revealed she had proposed to go with Ana to the US after that but received no positive response from her after that. About three weeks later, on December 25, 2022, Ljubicic received a message from Ana on Viber asking if she could visit her the next day. "It torments and haunts me that I didn't leave immediately. Perhaps none of this would have happened. Maybe I would have prevented something," said Ljubicic.

'Brian and I are not getting along': Ana Walshe spoke to her mother a week before disappearance   

A Reddit user has posted a translation of the December 25 Viber conversation between Ana and her mother. The conversation suggests that Ana and Brian were arguing about their children. "Hi mom. Could you come to Washington tomorrow?" Ana messaged her mother on December 25 evening. Ljubicic responded by asking her daughter why was she telling her that so late. "You should have told me earlier," Ljubicic messaged.

Ana's next response heavily suggests that she and Brian were facing some difficulties. "Brian and I don't get along," Ana told her mother, who responded by asking, "about what?" "The kids," was Ana's short response to that question. Following this Ana requested her mother to visit her as early as the next day but for Ljubicic traveling was not possible for at least another seven days.

The next day, however, Ana told her mother that everything was fine and she did not have to come. Earlier, on January 9, Ljubicic had told Fox News Digital that the urgency in Ana's voice, suggested that there must have been some problems. "She just said, 'Please, mama. Come tomorrow.' Which means, that clearly, there must have been some problems," said Ljubicic.


The Reddit post detailing Ana and her mother's conversation, a week before her disappearance, has invited a flurry of heartfelt reactions from netizens. "This is heartbreaking," wrote one user, while another commented, "It’s crazy she went from I need you out here to we might have a plan and you don’t need to come so quickly. What the hell kind of mind games was Brian playing on her?"

A third Redditor expressed that Brian must've been upset about Ana reportedly working durng the holidays. "Sounds like she was asking her mom to help her with childcare. What if… Ana is back home in Cohasset after being away for an extended period of time in Serbia. Brian is already feeling tired and stressed from watching their not one or two but three young children for two weeks or however long she was gone for," the user wrote. 




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