Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 songs that scream 'I'm alive' and will help you find your inner strength

Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 songs that scream 'I'm alive' and will help you find your inner strength
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Today, we're going to rejoice. Sure, we're all still locked down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but we're still here. As hard as it is to get through these uncertain, trying times, here we all are, still kicking, still fighting back. Just because we retreated to safety does not mean we've lost the war.

And today's list is to celebrate our resilience in the face of a battle. We're still breathing. We're alive! 

Sia - 'Alive'

Come on, you had to see this one coming from a mile away!

This song was originally written for Adele, but Sia later recorded it as a demo and then released it as a single. So it actually tells Adele's story through Sia's voice. And that makes it perfect for this list because now we can listen to Sia tell our story as well.

'Alive' details what it can feel like to be robbed of an important part of your life. Referencing barren landscapes as a symbol for depression, anxiety, self-loathing, and unending days that threaten to put out your inner fire, this is a song that says we won't be broken despite being forced behind closed doors. We found strength within ourselves, strength many of us did not know we had.

And that is worth celebrating.


Ariana Grande - 'Be Alright'

A mellow marimba-backed track, 'Be Alright' was Ariana's way of reminding her listeners that no matter what challenges and obstacles we may find, and no matter what life throws at us, "We're gonna be alright."

The song is filled to the brim with positive messages that we're going to find the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as gentle nudges to us all to stay strong because everything will work out in the end.

Coupled with the upbeat tropical vibe, this song really takes you out of the stressful space you're in and lets you enjoy a moment of calm while also reminding you that you'll be just fine.


One Republic - 'Better Days'

Band members Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle, along with producer Tyler Spry, wrote this song while quarantined after being exposed to the coronavirus while they were in London. While Tedder had already penned the chorus for 'Better Days' nearly a year prior, he had no idea what the verses would be until he found himself locked away for two weeks.

The song was released to the public amidst the pandemic as a way to remind them that there are, in fact, better days ahead.

The music video included social distancing and self-quarantining videos from OneRepublic fans all over the world and it's just the kind of feel-good song you need to remind you that we're all in this together. 


Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson - 'Just Hold On'

Being strong, unfortunately, is also draining. We fight every day, but when it feels like it may never end, it's easy to want to give up. But sometimes, you just have to hold on, because "‪The sun goes down and it comes back up‬ / ‪The world it turns no matter what‬."

This song was written as a tribute for Tomlinson's mother, who passed away from leukemia just three days before the song's release. In the song, Tomlinson wishes his mother had a time machine so they could revisit their happiest moments or fast-forward to the future and live through the moments they may not get to see.

But despite its painful story, this EDM song isn't one of sorrow. It's one that acknowledges that when one chapter of your life ends, another one will soon begin. So don't give up just yet.


Bee Gees - 'Stayin Alive'

Ending on one of the greatest classics of all time, 'Stayin Alive' is our final entry onto this list. For the most obvious of reasons. The groovy disco track that came to define the Bee Gees' sound deals with the idea of survival. Despite it sounding quite upbeat, the song is actually about desperately fighting to stay alive in times of struggle. Unlike other fight songs, this one doesn't track its way to an epic win. Instead, in this story, the victory is in just staying alive.

But there is also a subtle message of hope in this song that says every time you fight and live to see another day, you've come back stronger than ever before. And that is the perfect message we can carry with us as we continue to face down this pandemic.


Pandemic Playlist is a daily list of songs that will keep you entertained instead of feeling drained while you're isolated at home. Look out for a fresh selection of great tunes from MEAWW to refresh your mood every day!

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