TWICE 1st girl group to earn $2M for 1 concert, fans ask 'why is JYP limiting them then'

JYPE has often come under fire for not restocking albums despite the demand and letting TWICE have a million-seller album

TWICE is currently one of the biggest girl groups. They put out one globally viral hit every year like ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’, ‘Fancy’ and ‘The Feels’. They also became the first girl group in history to earn $2 million for one concert in USA. However, fans have a love-hate relationship with their label, JYPE. Despite being globally popular since their debut days in 2015 and breaking records in South Korea, as well as the West, fans feel that JYPE is restricting them. Many find it odd that despite huge demand, they are one of the few popular groups that don’t have a million-seller album. 

ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) have pointed out that TWICE’s albums are often out of stock and never restocked despite the demand and JYPE is doing it to sabotage them and make sure they never reach the 1 million mark. Their argument was strengthened when the girl group’s last album ‘Formula of Love’ was out of stock during the pre-order sale which is impossible since albums aren’t produced during that period and a headcount is noted to check the demand.

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Fans angry at JYPE for mistreatment

There are other instances like members Jeongyeon and Tzuyu getting left out of group activities. In fact, the recent wrath on Twitter was earned due to the youngest member, Tzuyu being left out of the behind-the-scenes footage of their latest album ‘#TWICE4’. ONCEs were also indignant that American record label Republic Records had expanded their partnership with JYPE after claiming to help TWICE with their Billboard achievements which fans think they did all on their own due to barely any official promotions.

TWICE’s latest concerts break records

On top of it, Billboard announced that JYPE had launched an American branch, JYP USA to promote Xdinary Heroes and NMIXX in the West while citing TWICE’s popularity. Along with earning $2 million for one concert, TWICE has the highest-grossing boxscore for a female group in USA as they earned a total of $4.4 million with 25k ticket sales at The Forum’s 2-day concert. With such huge milestones, ONCEs have taken to Twitter to ask JYPE to treat the girls better.

'TWICE deserves better'

One fan tweeted, “@jypnation u see this? better give them best promotions and not limited album stocks for their next comeback.” Another ONCE was proud of TWICE’s growth, “Twice went from twicelights tour in US having 3M to 4th world tour having 4M in just 2 show.” One posted, “TWICE really out here carrying the whole of JYPE on their backs.” Another shared, “I always love these “first female group in history” achievements cause no one can ever take that away from them ✨ anw, twice deserves better from u @jypnation.” 

One fan used the momentum to say, “Twice can have their million sale ( 1 album) but if their company is limiting them... It will not happen RESPECT TWICE RESTOCK TWICE ALBUMS.” Another ONCE commented, “Why is jyp limiting them, they deserve better.” One fan was shady, “Thank you, @JYPETWICE for earning tens of billions KRW which enabled your company to set up JYP USA. Without you there would be no big 3 JYPE. I’m hoping they’ll use it to promote #TWICE better! After all you earned JYPE that money.” 

Another used the trends to bring attention to Tzuyu, “She is so kind with all of you, why you do this to her? Tzuyu absent on the dvd #TWICE4 RESPECT TZUYU.” One added, “@jypnation I hope you spend that money in @JYPETWICE only, MV, B-sides MV, projects, restock, etc. My girls deserve better for being the pillar of your company.”

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