'American Idol' Hollywood Week: Mike Parker takes the country route, fans say ‘sounds more R&B’

'American Idol' Hollywood Week: Mike Parker takes the country route, fans say ‘sounds more R&B’
Mike Parker on 'American Idol' Season 20 (Photo by ABC)

After grilling auditions in the first five episodes of ‘American Idol’ Season 20, the singing reality show finally kicked off the much-awaited Hollywood Week on Monday, March 28. The latest episode saw the singers getting into different groups as per their genre. Hollywood Week first aired the country genre soon followed by other genres. 
Mike Parker, who hails from Virginia, had managed to impress Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie in the auditions and he pulled off the same after he opened the latest episode. Singing from the country group, he got a few helpful suggestions from ‘American Idol’ 2011 runner-up Lauren Alaina. Parker sang his rendition of Cam’s hit country single ‘Burning House’. Social media users, however, felt he was more R&B as he gave off John Legend vibes. Kelsie Dolin was another country singer who made waves in the country group during Hollywood Week.
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Fans of ‘American Idol’ flocked to Twitter to speak on Parker’s set on the Hollywood Week. “Mike Parker is 1st up. Great song choice, reminds me of John Legend, lots of depth, and easy-breezy vocal production. Lotta soul too. He set the bar high”, said one user as another posted, “Mike hittin' that strong, kinda high note! Kaylin did pretty decent as well! #americanidol”
The next one shared, “I'd download Mike Parker's "Burning House" like yesterday. That TONE! Richer than caramel bread pudding.” Meanwhile, one tweeted, “Yes! Mike is more than country! Why they forcing him in that category? #AmericanIdol” One added, “@lukebryan showing his excitement for   Mike Parker, makes me happy! Luke is always so selfless and makes others feel so good about themselves.” One user posted, “God MIKE IS SO GOOD.” And, another concluded, “Mike Parker sounds more R&B.”

















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