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'American Idol': Luke Bryan BLAMED for Tristen Gressett's elimination, here's why

After watching the judges choose Lady K over Tristen, fans were convinced that Luke's dislike for Tristen played a major role in his elimination
Luke Bryan and Tristen Gressett on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)
Luke Bryan and Tristen Gressett on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)

With his high energy performances, and big onstage personality, 17-year-old Tristen Gressett quickly became one of the fab-favorite contestants on 'American Idol' Season 20. While the fans absolutely loved his theatrics and larger-than-life persona, unfortunately, the judges were a bit on the fence about it, especially Luke Bryan.

Luke kept constantly urging Tristen to pull back on the theatrics and to let the spotlight remain on his vocals, but the young contestant never paid any heed to the judge's advice and continued to be himself. Though Luke eventually gave up and agreed that Tristen should just be himself and never change, fans weren't entirely convinced by his sudden change in heart. So, when Luke and Katy Perry were given the power to save one contestant from elimination between Tristen and Lady K, and they picked the latter over Tristen, fans were left fuming. 


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Tristen Gressett on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)

On the recently aired episode of 'American Idol,' the Top 11 performers sang their hearts out hoping to impress the audience enough to secure their votes and advance to the Top 10 round. When it was announced that Tristen and Lady K received the lowest votes from the audience, fans were surprised. Thankfully, Katy and Luke were given the power to save one of them and they picked Lady K. After watching the judges choose Lady K over Tristen, fans were convinced that Luke's dislike for Tristen was a major deciding factor that led to the young singer's elimination from the competition.

A fan tweeted, "I knew as soon as it was in Luke's hands that Tristen was going home. He hasn't been a fan of his since Day 1 and hasn't done a great job at hiding that fact #AmericanIdol." "#AmericanIdol Luke never liked Tristen and Katie caved to him. The show will be a snooze without Tristen.," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "#AmericanIdol that was a bad decision you made! Triston deserves to be on that stage! I am so infuriated by this! There are acts that don’t even deserve to be there. The fact that Luke and Katy didn’t save him infuriates me!" "Sorry..but Katy and Luke got it wrong....Tristen should be in the top 10!!!! #AmericanIdol," commented a fan.





'American Idol' judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan (ABC)

Fans continued to shower their support upon Tristen despite his elimination. A fan shared, "Tristen eliminated tonight??!!??! After that insanely amazing performance? Get that man in front of a band and stage ASAP, that guy is 100% rock star, and I guarantee some lucky band will snap him up… Buy me a seat to whatever show he’ll be at, I’m ready for more… #AmericanIdol." "I’m sorry how does Tristen not make it through? He was hands down one of the best performers as well as the only performer in the rock and roll genre. All people sing these days are Billie Eilish and country. #AmericanIdol," expressed a fan. "#Americanidol PPl still think they actually count votes. of course Tristen didn't get the fewest votes, but he isn't what they are looking for. Why? Cause Fremantle can't make any money with some retro high school kid who sings old R&R," seconded a fan.




'American Idol' Season 20 airs every Sunday and Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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