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Here's why Amber Heard refers to Johnny Depp as 'Steve' as 'love notebook' skips alleged rape

The 36-year-old actress, who previously claimed that Depp raped her during their honeymoon, had written in her book 'I couldn't have imagined a more gorgeous honeymoon'
UPDATED MAY 18, 2022
Amber Heard stated during the trial that the entries in the journal were all 'love notes' to Johnny Depp (Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Sierra Gillespie/Twitter)
Amber Heard stated during the trial that the entries in the journal were all 'love notes' to Johnny Depp (Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Sierra Gillespie/Twitter)

Amber Heard resumed her defamation lawsuit testimony and was cross-examined by Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp's lawyer, on Tuesday, May 17. The lawyer questioned Heard about Depp's possible facial injury, which was seen in an image taken on the former couple's honeymoon. Depp's injuries were refuted by Heard, who claimed the shot was manipulated through 'photoshop' program.

The actress was also questioned about Depp and her relationship in her journals, where she noted disagreements between them. Heard said in a diary entry on May 22, 2015, "True love isn't about just the madness of passion or picking the safety of peace. It's about having both. I have seen in you the true bones of friendship and respect but I still more than ever want to rip you apart, devour you and savor the taste." The 36-year-old actress stated during the trial that the entries in the journal were all "love notes" to Johnny Depp


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Heard previously claimed that Depp raped her during their honeymoon aboard the Orient Express in July 2015. However, on July 22, that year, the court was presented an entry in the diary that read: "My husband, happy honeymoon."

The shot on the inner cover was taken when they were back in Australia following their battle two months prior. Heard said the photo of them arm in arm on a boat was taken "much later" after they returned to Australia. This happened during a 'honeymoon period,' according to Heard, when Depp was clean and sober.

An alternative view of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the premiere of 'The Danish Girl' during the 72nd Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 5, 2015 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

On April 8, 2016, Heard wrote in a note: "I am sorry I can get crazy. I am sorry I hurt you. Like you I can get wicked when I get hurt." Heard went on to say that she was "sorry for my part" and that there is "never a good enough reason to hurt you."

Heard said in a note dated August 1, 2015: "I couldn't wait to tell you how much I adore you. I couldn't have imagined a more gorgeous honeymoon. The following day Heard wrote that she missed Depp and called him a 'warm, loving husband.'" Heard responded yes when Vasquez questioned if the book was a "love journal." Heard stated: "The book was more of a love note book and part of communication, it was important for me to try to nurture as much peace as we possibly could."


Vasquez inquired if it was "also an opportunity to apologize to Mr Depp for your behavior?" To move on from disagreements, Heard said it was "important to apologize." She wrote in a note dated August 17, 2015, "I'm sorry I shook the wheel so hard. God damn I love you Johnny, I'm tied to you forever. Let me try to fix this, let me try to patch this You deserve it. I need you….You're my cornerstone, my heart, my all. I hate it when we fight. I love you more than anything. I need you, I love you."


Some of her journal entries throughout the trial may have referred to Johnny Depp as 'Steve.' It was claimed earlier this month that the actress had saved her former husband's phone number under the name 'Steve.' Many people were perplexed at the time because Depp's full name (John Christopher Depp II) does not contain the word "Steve." It turns out that Amber would refer to Johnny as "Steve" and he would refer to her as "Slim."

Why Heard referred to Depp as 'Steve'?

Both nicknames are inspired by two characters from the 1944 film 'To Have and Have Not'. The actors that played those characters are Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. The characters in the film also have a significant age difference, which is why Johnny and Amber were able to relate to Slim and Steve. Depp and Heard are 22 years apart in age. He is 58 years old and she is 36 years old currently. The main protagonists (Steve and Slim) in 'To Have and Have Not' also have a 25-year age gap between them in the film.