'Bachelor in Paradise': Inside Ivan and Aaron's explosive fight over Chelsea

Looks like Ivan and Chelsea have been hitting it off, much to Aaron's dismay

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Inside Ivan and Aaron's explosive fight over Chelsea
Ivan Hall, Chelsea Vaughn and Aaron Clancy as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

For the couples of 'Bachelor in Paradise', as much as romance brewing, there is just as much drama afloat. And as the number of contestants dwindles, with couples getting serious about their relationships, the addition of new men and women to the show constantly seems to shake things up.

So far, fans have seen not one, but two couples leave the show -- Chris Conran and Alana Milne and Brendan Morias and Pieper James, seeing that they knew each other before the show and were involved, defeating the purpose of the series. And while the rest of the couples continue to work on their connection, Katie Thurston's men seem to be struggling to find the one.


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For Aaron Clancy, he thought he had a good thing with Tammy Ly going on when he set foot on the island. The two of them hit it off instantly and were quite the couple. However, Thomas Jacobs arrival seems to have shaken things up, as Tammy was instantly smitten by him and decided to pursue him instead. Aaron was left heartbroken and irritated, seeing that his rivalry with Thomas goes all the way back to Katie's season.


However, when Becca Kufrin made her way to the show, she and Thomas hit it off and instantly matched, leaving Tammy high and dry. Seeing that Aaron had already formed a connection with Chelsea Vaughn, Tammy went home on last week's episode. Aaron and Chelsea seemed to have gotten along well after enjoying a successful date. However, it looks like a certain someone now has eyes for Chelsea. Enter Ivan Hall, who previously got his heartbroken by Jessenia Cruz when she picked Chris over him, despite their strong connection. Although Jessenia went home in the last episode, Ivan seemed to get along with Kendall Long, Joe Amabile's ex.

But Kendall, unfortunately, can't seem to get her head in the game as she is still dealing with her breakup, even though Joe has moved on. Ivan is currently working on building new connections on the island, which lead him to Chelsea. The two were seen getting intimate on the beach, and that did not sit well with Aaron. The two men were ready to get down to blows over the issue by the looks of it. What do you think, are the men going to fight over Chelsea or is there a bigger issue at hand? Sound off below!


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