Treasure 'The Second Step: Chapter One': YG Entertainment announces comeback for band

After a year-long hiatus, the rookie group Treasure will make their comeback in February of 2022 with an EP

                            Treasure 'The Second Step: Chapter One': YG Entertainment announces comeback for band
YG Entertainment announced Treasure comeback with 'The Second Step: Chapter One' (Instagram/@yg_treasure_official)

YG Entertainment is constantly being called out by fans of groups that the label manages. One of the biggest concerns among fans is that the label does not release as much music from artists as is expected of K-pop groups. Now, more than a year since their debut, the K-pop group Treasure has announced the release of their first mini-album, ‘The Second Step: Chapter One’.

Treasure released its first studio album, ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect’ back in January 2021 and has been on a “content release” hiatus ever since. The boy group made its debut with a single album in August, 2020 and released two more single albums in September and November of 2020. Soon after, the boy group dropped a full-length album in January last year and has been MIA since. On January 11, exactly a year since the release of its studio album, Treasure announced its comeback.


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Treasure to make comeback in February 2022

On January 11, YG Entertainment shared the news with Treasure Makers (fans of Treasure) that the boy group was ready for its fourth official comeback since its debut. This time, it was announced that Treasure members were going to release their first-ever mini-album titled ‘The Second Step: Chapter One’. The twelve-member rookie group made its debut with the album series titled ‘The First Step’ and released three single albums and one studio album under the series.

With the announcement of this mini-album, Treasure is going to start a new series titled, ‘The Second Step’ with their first EP ‘The Second Step: Chapter One’. While more details about the release of the EP are yet to be announced, YG Entertainment revealed that the album will be released on February 15 this year. It was also revealed that in 2022, Treasure members plan to meet fans on a much larger scale in comparison to the last two years which hints that a Treasure in-person concert could be on the way.


‘Stanning Treasure is not a hobby’

Fans are rejoicing that the boy group will finally release new music after a year-long hiatus. One fan said, “Today is exactly one year since Treasure's last comeback and Treasure dropped their Intro.” Another fan said, “Stanning TREASURE isnt just a hobby, it's a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled w thieves. it's art, the first gift u open on christmas, a hug from loved one, it's everything u ever wanted, it's everything u need.”

One emotional fan said, “Comeback is february 15, this time i wouldn't mind how far it is. what matters to me now is finally we got the EXACT date.” Another fan questioned, “Am I dreaming?” One fan wondered, “I love the way the 12 lights/stars move into different formations! I'm so curious about this symbol.”








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