Why did Adele cancel Vegas shows? Concertgoers slammed for calling $30K tickets worthless

Furious internet users attacked those who slammed Adele for canceling her Las Vegas show, saying we 'need a societal reset here'

                            Why did Adele cancel Vegas shows? Concertgoers slammed for calling $30K tickets worthless
Adele announces the cancelation of her Las Vegas residency in a Twitter video. (Adele/Twitter)

Adele was all set to make her comeback to live performances with a series of gigs at Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, it had to be put on hold. On January 20, the singer took to Twitter to share an emotional message that all her shows would be indefinitely postponed, leaving many ticketholders furious and angry. That soon spilled into a battle online, where many fans of the singer defended her while slamming those who criticized her for canceling. 

In December 2021, the English singer scooped up the 'Female Artist of 2021' award at the People's Choice Award. It marked her big return to the industry, after a six-year hiatus that ended when she released 'Easy On Me' in October. That was followed in November by the release of '30', her fourth studio album that fans clearly loved. However, it seems she's had a harder time returning to touring and live shows.


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With just 24 hours to go for her first gig, Adele was forced to cancel her entire 24-date Las Vegas residency, which didn't go down very well. According to reports, fans paid between $85 and  $680 for tickets, which then resold for as much as $30,000. Combined with the cost of hotels and flights, the cancelation certainly left many with sudden expenses for no reason, made worse by a lack of clarity on when the shows would be rescheduled to. 

Why did Adele cancel her shows?

"My show ain't ready. We've tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you," a teary-eyed Adele revealed in a Twitter video. She blamed the cancelation on Covid-19 and revealed that multiple members of her crew had tested positive for the virus. She also said there were delivery delays that made it "impossible to finish the show." 


Adele went on to say she had been awake for over 30 hours trying to solve the logistical issues, but the team "ran out of time" to be ready for the first gig on January 21. She was due to perform at the venue from then to April 16, and tickets sold out in a matter of days after they went live in December 2021. That itself came as a huge shock to fans, as just a month earlier she told Rolling Stone she was not interested in touring during the pandemic. "It's too unpredictable, with all the rules and stuff," she said, adding, "I don't want anyone coming to my show scared. And I don't want to get COVID, either."

The u-turn was certainly a welcome surprise for fans, but now the cancelations have left many furious. It's unclear why Adele has canceled all her shows, including those scheduled for February, March, and April when her crew would simply be unavailable for 14 days. Furthermore, fans were left infuriated by the lack of clarity on the rescheduled dates. In her video, Adele said "We're going to reschedule all of the dates," but did not reveal a timeline for when that would be.

A posted for Adele's Las Vegas residency in Las Vegas, California. (Twitter)

'Rona or no rona, the show must go on'

Ticketmaster has begun issuing refunds, but for those who bought tickets on resale are highly unlikely to get their entire money back. It's led many to slam the singer, with one person tweeting, "Unbelievable. What a disgrace. I thought the yanks had their house in order. Rona or no rona, the show must go on." Another replied, "Hotels/plane tickets aren’t refundable for those who bought tickets to your shows. Totally unprofessional. Carrie Underwood /Katy Perry have both pulled off the Vegas residencies under the same circumstances."



But, plenty of others posted messages in support of Adele, while some users also slammed those angry at her decision. One user tweeted, "Half the crew is out with Covid and @Adele
is apologizing to the ticket holders who won’t get to see the show. We need a societal reset here. If that many crew are out, packing thousands into a venue is a very bad idea. We need to get off this hamster wheel of disease already." Another said, "Everybody who managed to get tickets to Adele and is now throwing hate at her for postponing should have those tickets revoked."



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