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Here's why Adele's comeback single 'Easy On Me' has the world in tears

'One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single,' rapper Drake posted about Adele's latest comeback single
UPDATED OCT 15, 2021
Adele released her new single 'Easy On Me' after a hiatus of 6 years from music (YouTube/Adelevevo)
Adele released her new single 'Easy On Me' after a hiatus of 6 years from music (YouTube/Adelevevo)

After a hiatus of over six years, Adele took the music world by storm once again with her brilliant comeback single 'Easy On Me'. Released on October 15, 2021, the music video has already garnered more than two million views on YouTube and counting. Emotional Adele fans took social media by storm as they were overwhelmed by the heartwrenching lyrics and of course, Adele's incredible vocals. 

The track, which is believed to be dedicated to Adele's son, speaks from a perspective where she tries to explain her divorce to her child. The track is already being dubbed as a potential Grammy winner and has been hailed by Drake and Niall Horan. "One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single,” Drake posted on his Instagram story recently. Meanwhile, Adele fans are going to the extent of requesting a day off from work just to listen to their favorite singer's new single on loop, without any interruption. 


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Within barely two hours of its release, 'Easy On Me' climbed to spot #1 on US iTunes. The greyscale music video, directed by Xavier Dolan and shot by André Turpin, has also received immense appreciation for its hauntingly beautiful execution.  Radio host Mike Adam tweeted, "#EasyOnMe by @Adele has officially been pushed to radio. It can currently be heard EVERY HOUR on numerous radio stations across the US."

Zach Sang of the Zach Sang Show fame shared, "I ordered and will eat an entire pizza alone because of adele." "@adele go #EasyOnMe (& @Hunt_Saenz) with the rest of this album. (How many times did we play this song in the newsroom tonight!?)," NBC reporter Ashley Stroehlein tweeted.  "It doesn’t matter if Adele is singing the hokey pokey, it’s gonna make me cry AND be a banger," journalist Amy McCarthy wrote. 

Sports journalist Leah Vann could not hold back her emotions after listening to 'Easy On Me', as she tweeted, "It’s Thursday evening. Adele drops a single. You’re crying into your wine despite the fact your love life (or lack thereof) is drama-free. But you kind of wonder— who can I feel broken-hearted about in this moment? My football teams? My 3rd grade crush probably getting married?"

"The new Adele single is her explaining to her young son why she left his dad, which is way sadder than anything she’s ever written before. And it’s so good," tweeted Molly Knight. "Dear Boss, I need a day off to have a good cry and will be back on Monday. Thank you #Adele," a fan tweeted while another said, 'Grammy is already secured...'