Lindsey Shaw breaks down after getting brutally trolled for mocking viral video from Black TikTokers

Lindsey Shaw said, 'the intention wasn't that serious, y'all,' after she was shamed brutally

                            Lindsey Shaw breaks down after getting brutally trolled for mocking viral video from Black TikTokers
Lindsey Shaw seen mocking Black TikTokers in video (TikTok/ @notnotcandace)

‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Lindsey Shaw has shared a lengthy apology on her Instagram Story after being slammed for making fun of a viral TikTok trend from Black creators. The now-deleted video she shared on TikTok was about her reacting to the dance trend in which she said, “Hey, are we OK? What the f**k is this?”. She then herself did the dance move. As per reports, many found her reaction racist.

The original video was reportedly reshared by TikToker @notnotcandace and people soon began criticizing her in the comment section. One user said, “It’s called vibing… but she wouldn’t know seeing as she couldn’t even do it properly.” Another one said, “Woah, Black people having fun, I hope nobody who peaked in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide dislikes this.” A person referring to Shaw’s character Moze in ‘Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide’ added: “why moze got a problem wit dis.” One even pointed out that she commented nicely below her White friend Devon Werkheiser’s performance on the same trend. Apparently, Shaw has written, “Get it!!!!” along with a number of laughing emojis below Werkheiser’s post.


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After facing so much hate, the 32-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, July 11, where she said: “I just have to say right now that the hate in my inbox is not OK. I did not mean anything in any kind of way. I am learning every day, as I think everybody is. And this kind of hate just needs to evaporate from the planet, no matter who it's directed towards. Crocodile tears? No, dude — this is like my soul out there. If you know anything about what I stand for or what I believe in, you know that it's not this.”

Actress Lindsey Shaw attends the 'Pretty Little Liars' 100th episode celebration at W Hollywood (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Shaw went on to say, “I am sorry you were offended. I think we all need to vibrate higher for the future, and I know I'm going to keep learning. For my own mental health, I needed to take a step back from social media anyway. But I'm not here to offend or belittle anybody. At all. I thought that the millennial and Gen Z thing was a thing on TikTok. The intention wasn't that serious, y'all. I gotta just go off of here for a little while. But I appreciate you, I love you, and I'll be back. And I hope that I know more, and I hope we all have a little more compassion and understanding.”

Lindsey Shaw apologizing for her TikTok video (Instagram/ ladymshawsters)

Werkheiser also took to TikTok to share his views on the whole controversy. He called the circumstance “complicated” and started by saying, “There is pain there, and I understand it. And this generation, we live in a time where people are standing up for and to that.” The 30-year-old actor added: “If you know Lindsey personally, you know she’s a hater on all sorts of things — Black, White, brown, popular, unpopular — and can be a reactionary and defensive person. But she’s also got a good heart and is dealing with personal issues and challenges that none of you know anything about.”

Actor Devon Werkheiser attends 2015 Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 29, 2015 in Hollywood, California (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Hollywood Christmas Parade)

Meanwhile, many on Twitter also came out in support of Shaw. A user tweeted, “How did we go from the era of South Park and Mad TV to this? Her original post wasn’t even funny but I’m also not seeing how it was offensive. She doesn’t get it. Educate her. Make it fun. Challenge her to a dance off or something. I swear we’re going backwards.” The second one said, “People are sick, there is nothing to be tagged as racist. She just talked about dance moves, not about the persons.” “OK but she literally didn’t do a damn thing wrong… Y’all are so dramatic. It’s really sad how people are literally waiting in the shadows to cancel people,” a person added.





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