Video of TikToker discovering something horrifying below home carpet goes viral

Video of TikToker discovering something horrifying below home carpet goes viral
TikTok user @dontbeanashhole found an outline of a dead body below the carpet (TikTok/@dontbeanashhole)

A TikTok video of a woman finding what she claimed to be an outline of a dead "body" underneath a carpet in her house has gone viral. TikTok user @dontbeanashhole sarcastically captioned the eerie footage as “It's cool. Everything is fine.”

The video shows her taking off the carpet from the wood flooring, and discovering what seemed to be hallmarks on an old crime scene. Along with the outline, she also found "Case #091101" written on the floor with black marker pen. The floor also reportedly looked rough and discolored, suggesting that someone had intensively scrubbed it to make it clean.



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In the clip, the woman says, “I wasn't bothered knowing someone had died in my new house, but imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this,” before adding, “Ok but this is actually a little creepy. Body??” According to reports, the woman’s TikTok video has garnered more than 4.8 million views while over 668,000 people have liked it. Several people have commented on the video, with one person writing, “DO US A FAVOUR. RESEARCH WHO DIED THERE PLEASE.”


TikToker also found "Case #091101" written (TikTok/@DontBeAnAshHole)

The second one stated, “So that's the moment when I would simply... move.” The third one added: “RIP you, aye.” A user even said, “Whoever installed the carpet drew that to freak out whoever removed the carpet,” while another one noted, “Ya'll are gullible. That's not even the proportions of a human body.”
This comes months after a TikToker went viral for sharing a spooky video. Along with the woman and her video, horror movie ‘Candyman’ from 1992  also went viral. The clip, which was shared by user @samanthartsoe, reportedly had eerie similarities to the situation in the movie. The video showed the woman taking her friends to an apartment bathroom in New York City. She recorded it after feeling “cold air blowing on me”.

According to reports, after searching the place, the woman learned that the “air is coming from the mirror”. She also found that the mirror was not fixed, so she removed it from the wall and creepingly found a hidden room. In the video, one of her friends joked, “What if someone is living back there right now?" Another asked, “Have you seen the movie 'Parasite'?” @samanthartsoe then answered that she will go inside to check what’s on the other side of it. After going inside the room, she found there was a “whole another apartment”.

Soon after the video was shared on social media, people started comparing it to ‘Candyman, which was about “a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth,” according to IMDb. A person on Twitter commented, “Omg my nyc bathroom is so cold I have to keep the door closed and last time I measured, the tile floors were 41 F and wind blows in around the mirror and all the outlets and now I’m terrified to move the mirror…” The second one wrote, “BITCH HAVE YOU SEEN CANDYMAN??? THIS DOES NOT END WELL FOR YOU. AHHHHH.”


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