Is Billie Eilish racist? She mocked Asians, used 'blaccent', claims TikTok video

One of the cuts included in the video showed Billie Eilish on an Instagram Live, where she mimics her brother Finneas O’Connell

                            Is Billie Eilish racist? She mocked Asians, used 'blaccent', claims TikTok video
Billie Eilish accepts the Record of the Year award for 'Everything I Wanted' onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording)

After her beau was called out as racist and homophobic on Twitter, the heat is now directly on Billie Eilish after a TikTok compilation of multiple clips allegedly showed the singer saying the c-word and mocking Asian languages. She was also accused of using African-American Vernacular English, or “blaccent."

The video features quick cuts of the 19-year-old pop star singing brief parts of different songs, with the caption, “if u can name every song in this i will pay u.” The compilation was first posted by TikToker @lcxvy, who claimed in a caption of the clip that Eilish sang the c-word, which was a slur against Asian people. One of the cuts included in the video showed Eilish on an Instagram Live, where she mimics her brother, musician Finneas O’Connell, watching David Dobrik’s YouTube videos. The clip with on-screen text, which the TikToker has inserted, read:  “Her brother calls her out for talking with a blaccent.” O'Connell, however, does not appear to speak in the clip. In another cut, Eilish is seen shouting in gibberish that allegedly appears to mock Asian people and laughing.



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Billie Eilish attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

While it is not clear when the clips were recorded, many TikTok users came to the singer's defense, saying that she was just 14 years old when the clips were made. “SHE WAS A CHILD, to be clear i dont stan her and i dont listen to her i just see it objectively,” one user commented on TikTok. To this, @lcxvy responded, “i am a child too and i know what racism is? racism don’t have an expiration date lmao.”

The video was reposted on Twitter, which sparked a number of negative comments against Eilish. "Billie you need to clear up this situation because though I was never a huge fan of you I still liked you & now I am hearing that you're not only dating a racist homophobic (who is 10 years older than you) but you yourself is also racist and you are queerbiating. So disappointed," one user said, while another noted, "oh my god. apparently billie eilish used the c slur, used a blaccent, and is dating a racist homophobe???? what the fuck." One more remarked, "I was on the Billie Eilish Offcial Discord and they muted me because I said she is wrong for dating someone who’s racist and homophobic. And even Billie’s brother has made fun of he for speaking with a blaccent. BLM and LGBTQ+ rights isn’t a trend period."




Past accusations

We previously reported that Eilish was vehemently criticized for dating a much older boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce, who's allegedly racist and homophobic too. Many had been able to unearth old Facebook posts of Eilish's actor-beau dating back to a decade ago, where he openly used the n-word, homophobic slurs and even fat-shamed singer Adele, comparing her to the cartoon character Miss Piggy. 

On June 3, Eilish also drew major backlash on social media for her music video, 'Lost Cause' where she and a group of women can be seen having fun in a plush mansion, clad in nothing by pajamas, often exploding into PDA with each other. Twitter buzzed with accusations of queerbaiting against the Grammy winner.