'Complete With You': AB6IX gift fans self-produced album and a concert to mark comeback

'Complete With You': AB6IX gift fans self-produced album and a concert to mark comeback
AB6IX for 'Complete With You' (@AB6IX/Twitter)

AB6IX are ready to make their first comeback of 2022 with a special album. On January 1, they announced that they would be releasing their self-produced album ‘Complete With You’ with songs that have been made by all of the members. Previously, before the album release, we were also supposed to get the K-pop group’s second solo concert also titled ‘Complete With You’.

Unfortunately, due to the new Covid-19 wave, AB6IX’s 2-day concert supposed to be held on January 15 and 16 has been postponed. It would have been their first concert in over 2 years. Following the concerts, the next day would have been the release of their special album. However, not all is lost. AB6IX's label, Brand New Music released a statement sharing that the concert would indeed be happening, but after the album release. 

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AB6IX's concerts get postponed

Brand New Music explained that they had planned AB6IX’s 2-day concert ‘Complete With You’ according to the previous Covid-19 guidelines. The fan club member pre-orders had already begun and tickets had been sold when the guidelines allowed concerts and performances at larger venues. But according to the new guidelines due to the new year outbreak, social distancing will take place from January 3 till 16. During these 2 weeks, no events of more than 300 individuals can take place in sports arenas. 

This is why AB6IX’s concerts have been postponed. Those who have purchased the tickets can get a full refund. The new dates and details of the concerts will be provided later when the new social distancing restrictions help get the outbreak under control. Donghyun also assured fans that the concert would be happening for sure and that they have prepared for it. In the meantime, fans can get ready for AB6IX’s upcoming release 'Complete With You'.


Daehwi for 'Complete With You' (@AB6IX/Twitter)

Release date

AB6IX to release their special album ‘Complete With You’ on January 17 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET). It will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


Woojin for 'Complete With You' (@AB6IX/Twitter)


1. ‘1, 2, 3’ (Title track)
2. ‘Venus’
3. ‘Consolation’
4. ‘Crazy Love’
5. ‘In Your Eyes’

The album is self-produced by all of the AB6IX members. The upbeat title track ‘1, 2, 3’ and pop ballad ‘In Your Eyes’ are composed and written by Daehwi. Donghyun has participated in the making of ‘Venus’, an R&B pop song. Woojin has made the hip hop track ‘Consolation’. Woong’s self-produced song is the anthemic ‘Crazy Love’.


Donghyun for 'Complete With You' (@AB6IX/Twitter)


AB6IX has dropped two sets of concept photos that show off their duality. In the first teaser, we see the boys in a rustic setting as they are dressed in pastel casuals and show off their youthful charms. In the second teaser, they give off mature vibes in royal blue velvet suits surrounded by spotlights in an abandoned and mysterious warehouse.


Woong for 'Complete With You' (@AB6IX/Twitter)

Music video teasers

The K-pop group dropped a performance music video teaser of the title track ‘1, 2, 3’. In the fun animated teaser, the boys show off the fun and laidback choreography as they dance to the chorus in chic casuals.

Watch the performance teaser below:




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