Drippin 'Villain': Release date, tracklist and all about their 'dangerous' 3rd album

Drippin 'Villain': Release date, tracklist and all about their 'dangerous' 3rd album
The K-pop group Drippin have announced the release of their third mini-album with six tracks in January 2022 (@DRIPPIN/Twitter)

The boy group Drippin who made their debut in October 2020 with their mini-album, ‘Boyager’ have now announced the release of their third album ‘Villain’. The seven member group have officially released two mini-albums and one single album over the last 15 months since their debut. They have now announced the release of a game changing album that is “dripping” with the group’s newfound fatal charm.


Over the last year and a half, Drippin has been slowly rising as a powerful rookie K-pop group with releases like ‘Boyager’ and ‘A Better Tomorrow’. Both mini-albums by the group did well on major Korean charts as these albums peaked at Number 8 on Gaon Chart soon after its release. Not only that, Drippin has also made a name for itself in Japan as they also simultaneously charted on Japan’s Oricon Chart soon after their debut. Being a rookie group under Woollim Entertainment, fans of the group have a lot of interest in the scheduled activities of the boy band Drippin.



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Drippin members dawn leather jackets and harnesses in the concept photos of their upcoming album, 'Villain' (@DRIPPIN/Twitter)

Release date

Drippin will release their third mini-album ‘Villain’ on January 17 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to listen

The mini-album, ‘Villain’ by the K-pop group Drippin will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn among others.




1. ‘7Villaz’
2. ‘Villain’ [Title Track]
3. ‘Switch’
4. ‘SHY’
5. ‘Delusion’
6. ‘Remember’


According to the tracklist, the mini-album ‘Villain’ from Drippin is a six-track EP that the members will release with ‘Villain’ as its lead single. Woollim Entertainment revealed that the title track is characterized by a groovy electric bass as well as minimalistic beat which makes the song more passionate and dangerous as compared to other K-pop songs.


Fans consider that this single could work well as a background score for anti-heroes or villains in dramas and movies. With the release of the mini-album, ‘Villain’ fans will be able to witness the expanded musical horizon that Drippin is reaching for with songs that show duality like ‘Villain’ as well as ‘Shy’.

Drippin releases the tracklist for their upcoming EP, 'Villain' (@DRIPPIN/Twitter)



Drippin has successfully raised a lot of curiosity amongst fans of the group that will see the members of this rookie group in a 'mature' concept with the release of the EP ‘Villain’. So far, the few concept photos that were released by Drippin to promote their upcoming album have caught the eye of many fans who have been charmed by the visuals created by the septet which radiate a dangerous energy. All seven members of the group appear to be standing in a space filled with colorful chandeliers and red lighting, which is a departure from their earlier colorful and cool-toned concepts from previous releases.


In addition, Drippin members’ chic charismas and villainous glares are reflecting in the various solo concept images released by the label too. The boys are seen wearing leather jackets and harnesses that is raising many questions about the story that will be narrated through Drippin’s upcoming album concept. Over all, with raised expectations, fans are excited to see these young boys transform into powerful villains.


Members of Drippin transform into villains for their third mini-album, 'Villain' (@DRIPPIN/Twitter)

Music Video

Drippin will drop the music video for ‘Villain’, the title track of their third mini-album of the same name on January 17, at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


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 Drippin album Villain Release Date Tracklist all about their dangerous third mini-album