After A.C.E and E'LAST, AOMG YouTube gets hacked, fans joke: 'Elon Musk new artist'

Videos on AOMG's YouTube channel were deleted and a video of Elon Musk talking about bitcoins was uploaded instead

                            After A.C.E and E'LAST, AOMG YouTube gets hacked, fans joke: 'Elon Musk new artist'
AOMG, E'LAST, and A.C.E's YouTube channels were hacked by bitcoin enthusiasts (AOMG/Naver, @ELASTofficial, @official_ACE7/Twitter, AOMGOFFICIAL/YouTube)

Fans were first shocked and angry when K-pop boy group A.C.E’s YouTube channel was hacked just as the members were enlisting for their mandatory military service. Choices (A.C.E’s fandom) lamented their misfortune as they would not get to spend their time watching A.C.E’s music videos and other YouTube content while they waited for the boy group to come back. What seemed to be a one-time incident, however, has been repeated again with E’LAST and AOMG.

Rookie boy group E’LAST finally made a comeback with their third mini-album. Unfortunately, even their YouTube channel was hacked a day later. K-pop promotions, wins, and achievements are also linked with social media as music video views also count for music show wins. Multi-fans realized that both E’LAST and A.C.E’s YouTube channels went through the same thing as their past content was deleted and videos of bitcoin projects and Elon Musk’s Live were uploaded instead. And now, the same thing has happened with the music label AOMG.


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Elon Musk's Live video was uploaded on AOMG's channel (AOMGOFFICIAL/YouTube)

AOMG’s YouTube account gets hacked

On May 9, hip hop label AOMG’s YouTube channel got hacked. AOMG is co-founded by rapper Jay Park and houses artists like GRAY, Loco, GOT7’s Yugyeom, and other major R&B artists and rappers. All of their past videos were deleted and instead, a Live video of Elon Musk talking about bitcoin had been uploaded. But while it took A.C.E and E’LAST a couple of days to recover their YouTube accounts, AOMG was able to restore their past videos and take back control of their account within hours.

‘This is getting ridiculous’

With hackers targeting K-pop YouTube channels with bitcoin videos, fans are confused as three times is not a coincidence. One fan tweeted, “How keeps hacking these idols YouTube accs?? First a.c.e then e’last now aomg something ain’t right here.” Another fan posted, “Pls make sure your passwords are strong and secure, this is getting ridiculous with how many yt channels have been getting hacked.” One joked, “Omg Elon musk new artist under AOMG.” Another was confused, “Anyone want to explain to me why Elon Musk was on the aomg YouTube???”






Another said, “Oh God, I thought they were working with Elon uncle.” One fan shared, “Elon suddenly popped up giving us lecture about bitcoin. At first I thought AOMG was having a partnership with Tesla or smth.” Another commented, “Im def laughing at bit harder than i should.” One wrote, “Millions of channel on youtube and he chose aomg's channel to hack like he used random generator.” Another fan asked, “Woke up and AOMG YT got hacked. Oh, Elon. Do you want to be a singer at AOMG?”






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