'A Boy called Christmas' Review: Great acting makes impeccable take on Christmas spirit dazzle

A boy discovers a map to a faraway land, called Elfhelm. His journey is sure to be unforgettable, a story that will be told for generations to come

                            'A Boy called Christmas' Review: Great acting makes impeccable take on Christmas spirit dazzle
Henry Lawfull as Nikolas in 'A Boy called Christmas' (Instagram - @aboycalledchristmas)

Netflix is all set to welcome the holiday season with a sure-to-be favorite across all age groups — 'A Boy Called Christmas', written and directed by Gil Kenan.

'A Boy Called Christmas' follows the story of how Father Christmas came into being, the adventures that a little boy takes on in order to search for his father, who on the other hand, is on a quest himself to discover the village of Elfhelm. The fun-filled movie stars Henry Lawfull and Maggie Smith in lead roles.


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'A Boy called Christmas' isn't your typical very merry, cheery Christmas movie. It is in fact a wonderful story woven with love, care and the unwavering beauty of hope. Three children have their Aunt Ruth (played by Maggie Smith) look after them, as their father has to work on Christmas Eve. The kids aren't fans of the woman and add that she's old and boring. However, she proceeds to tell the kids a long story of a young boy called Nikolas. 

Nikolas and his father, a woodcutter, are hardly able to make ends meet. The people of the village are suffering from starvation and when summoned by their king, voice all of their concerns. The king insists that all his subjects must look for hope and bring it back to the village, adding that he doesn't recollect the last time he smiled. 

When Nikolas' father gets a job offer in exchange for a lot of money, he takes it, without thinking twice, leaving his selfish sister Carlotta to care for Nikolas, which turns messy. The only thing that makes Nikolas smile is the mouse he befriends (he names it Miika), a Christmas hat that his dad gave him for keeps and a turnip doll that his mother made him before she died. Eventually, a very worried Nikolas leaves in search of his father, knowing all well that he can't bear to lose his only parent. 

What was supposed to be a search party for his father ends up turning into an adventure straight out of a fairytale for Nikolas, as he discovers the magical land of Elfhelm riding his friend, Blitzen, the reindeer he saved. Like a wise man (or woman) once said, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey". The saying is perfectly befitting Nikolas' story. During his time at Elfhelm, Nikolas befriends elves, Little Noosh, her great great grandfather Father Top, Little Kip, Truth Pixie and the rest of the elves of the magical city.

Nikolas learns that hope is something that never really dies (something that his mother instilled in him), and that one should always be kind and help another. He also learned that to really believe in magic, we should just really see what we want to believe in! Henry Lawfull and Maggie Smith light up the screen and there's not a minute to think of boredom, that's a guarantee. 

The story is impeccably narrated by Aunt Ruth, who leaves out no minute detail in her story. In time, she says her goodbyes to the children, exposing an elf ear, before she makes a quick exit!

'A Boy Called Christmas' released on November 24 on Netflix. Tune in to watch the movie now!

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