Netflix 'A Castle For Christmas': 5 things you need to know about the rom-com

Netflix 'A Castle For Christmas': 5 things you need to know about the rom-com
Cary Elwes as Myles, Brooke Shields as Sophie in 'A Castle for Christmas' (Mark Mainz, Netflix 2021)

With Christmas barely a month away now is as good a time as any to start getting into the festive mood. And if you think it's a tad bit early (it never is, truly), then what better way to get into the festivities than with a good ol' Christmas movie! Kickstart the season with Netflix's 'A Castle For Christmas'. Curious to know more? Continue reading!

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When does 'A Castle For Christmas' release, and where can you watch it

A Castle For Christmas' premieres on November 26, 2021 on Netflix.



Who stars in the 'A Castle For Christmas' series

Brooke Shields
Brooke Christa Shields is an actress and a famed model. Shields has worked on a range of movie and TV series, some of her most notable works being 'Blue Lagoon', ' Suddenly Susan' and 'Lipstick Jungle'. Her recent works include 'Hit Job', 'Momma Named Me Sheriff', 'All Underdogs Go to Heaven', '9-1-1', 'My Boyfriend's Meds', 'Glamorous', 'Mr. Pickles', 'Jane the Virgin', 'Creative Galaxy' and 'Murphy Brown'.



Cary Elwes
Ivan Simon Cary Elwes is an actor and a writer. He made his acting debut in 1984, where he starred in Marek Kanievska's film 'Another Country.' Since then, he's played classic roles such as 'The Princess Bride', Robin Hood in 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' and Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the 'Saw' film series. His other notable works include films like 'Glory', 'Hot Shots!,' 'The Jungle Book', 'Days of Thunder', 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', 'Liar Liar' 'Shadow of the Vampire', 'The Cat's Meow', 'Ella Enchanted' and 'A Christmas Carol'. 


What is 'A Castle For Christmas' all about

As per the Netflix synopsis -- "Famed author, Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields), travels to Scotland hoping to buy a small castle of her own, but the prickly owner, Duke Myles (Cary Elwes), is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but they just may find something more than they were expecting."


Mary Lambert
Mary Lambert is a director and writer, known for her works such as 'The Goldbergs', 'Step Up: High Water', 'Arrow', 'The Blacklist', 'Trading Places', 'Presumed Dead in Paradise', 'Pearl', 'Miss South Pacific: Beauty and the Sea', 'Mega Python vs. Gatoroid', 'On the Road in America', 'The Dark Path Chronicles' and 'The Attic'.


You can check out the trailer for 'A Castle For Christmas' here!


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