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'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Jenny miffed with Sumit's new job, fans say she's 'clingy and helpless'

Jenny tries to persuade Sumit to go to the US because she is 'sick of compromising' but he 'is not interested at all in living a retired lifestyle'
UPDATED OCT 31, 2022
Jenny and Sumit in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 10 (TLC)
Jenny and Sumit in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 10 (TLC)

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Fans criticize Jenny for being too demanding, as she continues to rant about Sumit's decision to return to work and cater to other issues. "When I gave up everything to be with Sumit in India, I thought he would be my side," Jenny admits in the latest episode of '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'

Jenny's patience is becoming thin on '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' During Sunday's episode, Jenny and Sumit had opposing ideas on whether they should relocate from India to the US. Sumit, fresh off their honeymoon, was about to begin a new job as a cook at a friend's cafe. He had previously worked there before the Covid outbreak and had been unemployed for two years.


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"We came back from our honeymoon a few days ago," he explained. "I'm not interested at all in living a retired lifestyle like Jenny. She feels like she's getting social security and that's good enough money for her. But I want to do more." Later, he informed Jenny that he was looking forward to returning to work so that he could "do what I wanna do."

"Do what you wanna do? Why you don't like spending time here with me?" Jenny inquired. "Working and making money is also important," Sumit said. While getting candid, he subsequently stated that he planned to "make more money, so we can live a good life here in India and forget about going to America." Jenny expressed concern about Sumit's work schedule and questioned whether he planned to work six days a week. When he replied that working weekends was the standard in his field, she questioned, "Can you find a different business to get into then, besides food business?"

"Personally, this is what I like to do, and it's what I'm doing," Sumit said. Jenny expressed her displeasure with Sumit's return to work, telling the cameras, "But I don't want him to be so bored with me that he wants to leave me now. But what can I do? I can't make him stay home with me all day, even if he wanted to."

Sumit pushed Jenny to go grocery shopping by herself before he left for his new job, which made her quite apprehensive. "Even though I've lived here for three years, it's intimidating for me as a white woman to be out by myself, trying to go to the market, being stared at a lot," she says of life in India. "I hope Sumit doesn't expect me to do this every day, because I can't do that."

Jenny admitted to cameras after an embarrassing discussion with a vendor at a local farmer's market in which she refused to pay 1,000 rupees ($15 USD) for veggies, "When I gave up everything to be with Sumit in India, I thought he would be my side."

The Palm Springs, California, native went on to say, "Honestly, if this is what Sumit wants our lives to be like, I'd rather be home in America with friends and family where I'm comfortable. I would definitely feel less helpless." "If we go back to America, I won't feel so all alone," she added. "Maybe it's time for Sumit to make some compromises because I'm sick of being the one that does all the compromising."

Later in the episode, at work, Sumit confided in his buddy Rohit about his relationship with Jenny. Sumit was afraid to offer "everything you have" to the job because of Jenny, therefore Rohit urged him to do it. Rohit admitted to Sumit that he'd been compromising for Jenny for several years and asked Sumit what he truly desired. Sumit, referring to a prior conversation he and Jenny had in which she mentioned his parents' inability to accept their relationship, remarked, "There's an option that we should go to America."

Sumit was reminded of his life in India, and Rohit questioned if he wanted to leave his parents and go to America. "No, actually," Sumit confessed. "I cannot just even think about it. There's no way I can go and ship to America and live a peaceful life without thinking about my parents." "Another thing which is stopping me from going to America is like, maybe in [the] future I might [want] to have kids," he said.

He stated that his parents are anxious that he would never have children with Jenny due to her age, but he is open to adoption or surrogacy. "I'm not sure whether Jenny wants to have kids or not," Sumit said. "Because we didn't have any conversation regarding this ever."

Rohit advised Sumit to speak with Jenny about his desire not to relocate to America. "I don't want to go to America," Sumit said. "I know my life is here. We are living a better life here. The most important thing, I feel like if I go to America then I'm gonna lose my family for good. I'll lose my friends ... I'll lose a life that I wanted."


Sumit and Jenny returned home and spoke about his first day and her solo trip to the market. He informed Jenny that Rohit expected him to be at work every day, and Jenny chuckled before confirming that Sumit "told him no" — but Sumit said that his position as a partner in the restaurant needed him to be "more dedicated."

"After being with Jenny for almost two years all the time, it will be better for our relationship if we spend some time separate," Sumit explained. "A little independence is a must in life."

After Sumit told Jenny that Rohit suggested she should feel more comfortable living in India after a few years, Jenny expressed fear that Sumit and Rohit would not work all the time and would instead go out partying. "Since we got married, Sumit's interested in different things," Jenny explained later in a confessional. "He wants to go to work, he wants to take sex Kama Sutra classes, now he wants to hang out with his friends and party. I mean, what's next?"

She went on to say that these occasions highlight their age disparity. Sumit subsequently stated that his social life had been "very limited" since his marriage and that acquiring a job would help it.
"When I'm at work, I think Jenny will get a lot of time to work on her basic duties for a housewife because I can't do everything," he stated. Jenny inquired, "You're gonna have boys' nights out, you're gonna go visit your parents. Where does Jenny come in in all of this?"

Watching Jenny not wanting Sumit to work, a fan wrote, "Jenny is the first woman that I've ever heard of that doesn't want their man to work." Seeing Jenny unable to find her way around the kitchen, another fan wrote, "As a 63 yo woman who has lived life and raised kids I cannot believe Jenny is that useless in the kitchen or around the house in general." Slamming Jenny for being 'clingy' and 'helpless' another viewer wrote, "Sumit is NOT a retired, 60+ year old man. Come on, Jenny. You knew that when you married him. Stop being so clingy and helpless." One fan even started questioning if Jenny has controlling traits, "Does Jenny have control issues, a little? She expects Sumit to be stuck to her hip 24/7. That would drain anybody, and she's so boring. She doesn't do anything, she's lazy and controlling now."





Fans also dragged Sumit for planning to have kids even though he is not totally on board with the idea. A fan tweet read, "Sumit is so desperate to have his parents back in his life that he will have kids when he doesn’t even want kids. He’d go that far to make them happy but won’t divorce Jenny to make them happy. I don’t get it." Fans are also questioning the fate of their relationship as they write, "Jenny and Sumit’s relationship is about to take a turn because Sumit is at a crossroads in his life." Fans are shocked to see Jenny wanting to leave just after one hard time at the market, "Jenny ready to leave because she has to buy groceries on her own ONE TIME." A fan also found Sumit's plan to be completely ridiculous as they write, "So let me get this right. Sumit wants to work 7 days a week while adopting a child to leave at home with Jenny. Does he really think it's always about what Jenny wants?"





'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 airs on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 pm ET.

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