Did 42 Dugg give his son a hickey? Internet wants to call CPS after 'disturbing' video

Did 42 Dugg give his son a hickey? Internet wants to call CPS after 'disturbing' video
42 Dugg (R) seen in the video with his son (L) (Instagram/42 Dugg)

Rapper 42 Dugg is earning a lot of flak online for apparently giving his own son a hickey. Internet is up in arms against the 25-year-old rapper after he released a video with his young son — where he can be seen kissing his neck a little too intensely, making the child visibly uncomfortable. The 'Maybach' hitmaker was called out by furious social media users, who even went to the extent of threatening to call Child Protective Services on him.

The Detroit rapper is no stranger to controversy, be it for misheard lyrics or criminal offenses. After the latest video garnered negative reactions, he riled up the internet further by posting a homophobic rant in response. Some even drew similarities between 42 Dugg's statement and DaBaby's recent homophobic remarks. Things appear to have gone quite far this time, as 42 Dugg is on the verge of getting canceled by internet users. "42 dugg responding to gay allegations & bringing up lil nas instead of responding to the hickey giving to his son.. y’all see the problem here?" — a Twitter user posted. 


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The young rapper was seen hugging and kissing his son playfully in the video, but things went beyond normal when he licked on the child's neck using his tongue. He eventually proceeded to kiss the child on the neck, in a manner similar to giving a hickey. While some have defended the rapper calling the act 'harmless fun' between a father and his son, most social media users are not ready to accept and let it go. 

"42 Dugg has traumatized me," tweeted a user, summing up the feelings of the majority, many of whom now regret checking why the rapper's name was trending.

Another user said, "That video of 42 Dugg is the cringiest thing I’ve seen in awhile." A third user tweeted, "I'm not telling anyone how to parent but that would be the LAST day 42 Dugg see his son unsupervised."

A fourth user wrote, "Seeing 42 Dugg give his son a hickey messed up my whole weekend."

Some Twitter users went beyond criticizing the act as they threatened to call CPS on the rapper. "Calling CPS on 42 dugg ASAP," a user wrote, while another added, "I just saw the 42 Dugg video of him kissing his sons neck. That was inappropriate, disgusting and disturbing. He just his TONGUE on a child’s neck that is foul."







The rapper's response to the controversy has irked social media users further and it now remains to be seen whether he faces any consequential action for the act.

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