2PM's Chansung and his wife welcome baby girl, fans say 'she has the loudest uncles'

2PM's Chansung and his wife welcome baby girl, fans say 'she has the loudest uncles'
Hwang Chansung left JYP Entertainment back in 2021 but continued to be a part of 2PM after he announced that he was expecting his first child (@hwang_chan222/Instagram; Twitter)

As second gen idols get older, fans are finally hearing news about these idols finding love and starting their families. From EXO's Chen who announced that he was going to be a father back in 2020. The idol has now finally returned from the military and is happily married with two children but still a part of EXO. Similarly, iKON's Bobby also shocked fans by announcing that he was expecting a child with his partner back in 2021.

Following these, there were other idols who announced that they were going to get married and/or were expecting a child which was received far more favorably than Chen and Bobby. One such idol was 2PM's Chansung who announced that he was leaving the label JYP Entertainment and signing on with a new agency back in December of 2021. Alongside that news, Chansung also announced that he was expecting his first child with his partner who he intends to marry and looks like the idol and actor has welcomed his baby already.


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Chansung and his wife welcome a baby girl

Six months have passed since and now the 2PM member is a father as L' July Entertainment, the label that manages his activities announced that Chansung had welcomed his first child. On July 26, it was announced that Chansung's wife had birthed a beautiful girl child. Chansung Hwang drew attention by sharing news of his love, pregnancy, and marriage with a non-celebrity lover in December. After the 2PM member announced that he was going to have a wedding ceremony, it was reported that the ceremony was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is not confirmed if Chansung ever had the wedding ceremony but the idol has been active as an actor when he appeared in K-drama like 'So I Married the Anti-fan', 'Show Window: The Queen's House' as well as 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' as of 2022. Back when the idol and actor announced his departure from JYP Entertainment, Chansung said, "My full-fledged career started with 2PM, and if it wasn't for the fans who loved and supported 2PM's Chansung, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm a little afraid of the changes for this purpose, but I think I'll be able to do it well if all of you who have always been with me support me."


'She's gonna be spoiled and loved'

Fans are happy that the singer is now a father of a child who has five fun uncles in the form of 2PM members. One fan said, "First 2PM junior with five loudest uncles to ever exist that kid’s gonna have a fun life." One more fan manifested, "How cute would it be if 2PM recreates this photo with chansung's baby." Another fan said, "A baby girl I’m so happy for Chansung. I wish for the baby and his wife to be healthy." One more fan said, "I can imagine how happy channie when he can holding his daughter baby and i hope we can see ot6 take picture with channie baby soon anyway congrats to chansung and his wife become father and mother to their daughter welcome."

One fan said, "2pm just became uncles to a beautiful baby girls best uncles ever." A fan said, "I know 2pm uncles will go bananas when they meet that little princess, she's gonna be so spoiled and loved." One more fan said, "It's a Girl... And our baby is a Dada now. I'm so happy for our #Chansung , his wife and their entire family, and May God bless this little family with lots of happiness and love. And our 2PM boys are officially Uncles now." Another fan said, "#2PM uncles will pamper your baby girl with lots of love. Congrats #Chansung and welcome to fatherhood!"









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