2PM's Junho becomes the FIRST idol actor to win 'Best Actor' at 2022 Korea PD Awards

2PM's Junho becomes the FIRST idol actor to win 'Best Actor' at 2022 Korea PD Awards
Lee Junho becomes the first-ever K-pop idol to win the Best Actor award at the 2022 Korea PD Awards (@le2jh/Instagram;Osen)

The saga of the popular K-drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ seems to be unending as now, months after the end of the show, the main lead, Lee Jun-ho (Junho) is still proving his acting ability with another Best Actor title. K-pop idol and actor Junho from the JYP Entertainment second-gen boy group 2PM is proving his popularity and talent as he bagged another Best Actor award for his performance in the 2021 MBC K-drama that aired in November 2021. Due to popular demand, the show got an extra episode.

Not only that, but the show also got a special commentary episode where the cast and crew gathered to discuss certain scenes that fans loved a lot. While the show had its fair share of fame, main lead Junho also saw a rise in his public image and popularity. Other than the many awards he won otherwise, ‘The Red Sleeve’ (also known as The Red Sleeve Cuff) gave Lee Junho the title of ​​Best Actor at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.


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Lee Junho wins Korea PD Award for Best Actor

On April 13, it was announced that Lee Junho was now the winner of the Korea PD Award for Best Actor for his role in the MBC show. The 34th Korea PD Awards ceremony was held at the public hall of the KBS Annex Hall in Seoul, South Korea on April 13 and Lee Junho shocked the world by becoming the first-ever K-pop idol actor to take home the Best Actor Award in the Talent category. In his speech, thanking PD (Production Directors) for the award, Junho said, “I was very happy when I heard that I would receive this award.”

Junho also said that other than receiving a lot of love from fans, it was a big honor for him to learn that the PDs also enjoyed watching his show ‘The Red Sleeve’. He thanked PDs claiming the award felt like it was their way of praising him for his hard work as an actor. Junho said that he would love to work on projects like films and shows with all the PDs that were part of the jury in the future. While the drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ was Junho’s first K-drama after his discharge from the military, it was one of the most popular K-dramas over the last few years.

Junho thanks the PDs for the Best Actor Talent award at the 2022 Korea PD Awards (Osen)


The final episode of the show recorded a nationwide rating of 17.4 per cent, according to Nielsen Korea, proving to be a commercial success and opening new opportunities for Junho as an actor. Junho is the only ever K-pop idol actor to receive the Korea PD Award for Best Award. Other popular actors that have won the title in the past are Song Joong-ki for ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and Ji Sung for ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ among many others.

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