'1883' Episode 3 Review: Death, desperation and politics take centestage

'1883' Episode 3 Review: Death, desperation and politics take centestage
Tim McGraw as James Dutton in '1883' (Paramount+)

There was a sense of excitement among fans when Taylor Sheridan announced a prequel series on ‘Yellowstone’. Titled ‘1883’, the Paramount+ show tells the story about how the Duttons became such dominating figures in Montana and why people don’t go against them.

During the two-hour premiere event, we saw a lot of changes from the current ‘Yellowstone’ world we have seen for years, but it is as intriguing as it can get. ‘1883’ is much more about the struggle that the Duttons went through in their lives. The whole clan is leaving to find a new place for themselves and they are going through the Great Plains to find a new home.



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Disease, looters in '1883' starkly contrast 'Yellowstone' developers and politicians

However, the wilderness is making things worse for them. The episode starts with some visuals showing how people are dying due to various reasons. One of the girls was bitten by a snake while a man came under the wheel of a chariot. On the other hand, James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and his family are planning to go to the West while Shea (Sam Elliott) and his clan are planning to move to the East. We see a clash between the egos here as they both are strong-headed and don’t know how to bow down.

Another thing that the episode shows perfectly is the desperation of how people want someone or something to make their lives better. In one of the scenes, a woman, who was being helped by Shea, gets so desperate for a good life that she tries seducing him and tells him that she wants to marry him. Shea refuses her proposal and gets angry with her. The entire scene will make you feel bad for that woman because she has lost the only member in her family who used to earn a livelihood and now, she is unable to do anything for her children. So, she desperately seduces Shea so that he takes her as a wife.


Sam Elliot as Shea Brennan in '1883' (Paramount+)


Elsewhere, a certain amount of politics have started brewing inside the camp as there are many people who don’t like Shea and James as well. James doesn’t give a damn if no one supports her. Meanwhile, Shea is someone who is respected by everyone but doesn’t like the way he leads the clan sometimes.

Even though there is a lot of differences among them, but James and Shea want their people to be safe. They want everyone to reach their destination and have a better life. Will they be able to have a good life?

As of now, the clan has started moving toward the West, but the journey is not going to be that easy because there will be a whole lot of drama between them.


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